Sunday, January 25, 2015

Latest Thrift Store Finds: Fisher Price Woodseys

  To begin with, I have to say welcome to my two newest followers, Mommy and Me Dolls and Jenkypoo. Thanks for joining us!   
  Last week I made several good finds at thrift stores here in town. Since there were so many good things,I'll be showing them to you over the next week. First up is this Fisher Price Woodseys playset and family.
Their house is a log. It's a padded nylon type fabric with hard rubber ends and handle.
A closer look at the furniture.

The Woodseys came out in the late 70's and early 80's.

That would have been Unsentimental Niece's childhood. I bought her a lot of toys, and would definitely have bought these if I had seen them. I love this stuff! It's so cute. And I did always buy her stuff I liked!  (Fortunately we had a very similar taste in toys!)
  The playsets came with Woodsey books too. I'm not sure if they were sold separately.
Borrowed from the internet. I'll be glad to remove it if asked.

The books were illustrated by Cindy Szekeres, who has written and  illustrated many popular children's books. She's well known for her illustrations of anthropomorphic animals,(Animals with human characteristics.), especially mice.

On the left is the little boy, on the right is the Dad. One end of their log house has a window.

And the other side has the door and a small window.The Mom is in red and has a molded plastic mob cap. The guy in green is Uncle Filbert. (A 'filbert' is a hazel nut, for those of you who don't know. Now you get the joke. He's a squirrel see, and...oh, you know.)Uncle Filbert runs the airport.
Or maybe he's just a pilot.

The door is supposed to close tight, but this one's fit is a little off and the door won't stay shut.

This is the outside of the fold down side. I love the artwork.

The inside is printed to look like a room.
Velcro keeps the front flap closed so the house can be used as a carry case with storage for the whole family and their furniture.
The handle on top is made to look like part of the log, complete with a cut off branch.
The triangular thingy is the airport.

It has one of those airport windsock things on top.

The side.

Inside tools and a workbench are printed on the fabric.

The Woodsey logo on the bottom of the airport.

A closer look at the windsock.
There was also a plane made of the same squishy padded fabric.
The Blue Bird is V. B. (For 'Very Blue'.) Bird.

He's the mailman apparently.

This is from the internet. I'll remove it if asked.
I would have wanted this set when I was a kid. I totally love the little log house. I always had a soft spot for books about mice and other tiny animals wearing clothes and making tiny miniature houses and furniture.
  There was also a Woodsey store playset and some other characters.
  Later this week we'll see some more thrift store find I made recently.


  1. Aww, that's such an adorable find! I know I would have loved it as a child too. The figures are too cute!

  2. My younger brother had these in the early 1970s. It was one of his toys I enjoyed playing with him. He always wanted to play games and I didn't want to do that. Always all about dolls and doll like small animals.

    1. I didn't mind playing games sometimes. My problem was that there was no one to play with.There was only my mom and my sister who is 6 years older. Neither one of them wanted to play with me, so we didn't do games very often. At least you can play with dolls by yourself.

  3. Thank you Tammy, glad to be here! :)

  4. What an awesome find!! Do these have anything to do with the Woodzeez that are sold at Target? They're a lot like Calico Critters. Super cute :)

    1. No, nothing to do with modern Woodzeez (or Calico Critters,which are what used to be called Sylvanian Families.) I love those too though. I can see myself having owned a lot of those if I had been born many years later than I was!

  5. This was my most beloved childhood playset. HOURS spent squeaking away imagining the Woodseys having a great life. If you're ever interested in selling your mailman bird, let me know. Mine was lost to our dog, Beanie. xoxo

    1. Hey, let me check. I might have a spare. Give me a few days. Send me your contact information in a comment(Which I won't publish), and I'll get back to you.


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