Friday, January 16, 2015

Review of Disney Store Frozen Kristoff

  I haven't posted any full doll posts for a while, but I have finally gotten around to it. You may have seen my review of the Disney Store Anna Frozen doll a while back. Well, when I got Anna I also got Kristoff.

Like Anna, he is from the Disney Store.The Disney Store logo is on the corner of the box.
He has a nose scuff inside the box. At this point I'm hoping it will come off when I can get to him.

The box is sealed with little clear tape circles.

The problem with these Disney Store boxes is that they have to be taken all apart to get the doll out.After Anna I got wise. I slit all the tape circles and opened the back of the box where all the tape covered twisty wires were.
After removing all the tape, which resulted in one humongo ball of the stuff, I then had to untwist all the twisties. That top one was really twisted in on itself and gave me problems. I ended up with indentations in my fingers! There were also a couple of taped down plastic pieces to be dealt with on either side at the middle.

Once all the was taken care of, Kristoff was held in by clear rubber bands on his wrists.
The wires in his boots and inside his shirt could be pulled out once they were untwisted.

It took some tugging, and at this point I'm thinking kids would have some trouble with this, especially small ones. Again I think, is all this really necessary?!
Finally free of all his constraints!

He has jointed elbows. Yay!

 He can also move his arms and legs out to the sides.

But unfortunately this is as far as his legs can bend at the knee.

  The knees have an internal joint like Barbie knees, whereas the elbows are jointed without rubber 'skin'.
 He's got the same head mold as the department store Kristoff, but I think he's much better painted.
Aaaand the nose scuff doesn't seem wipe-off-able... You'll notice his freckles are very light, but they are there.

Also, he's wearing his movie costume, which I prefer to the department store doll's outfit.
He doesn't seem quite as beefy as his movie counterpart.
But you can see that the outfit is fairly close to the real movie costume,just lacking the detail on the belt and neckline, the suede look on the boots, and his blue shirt underneath his tunic should have had a sweatery look to it.That would have been good. That would have raised the price of the doll though. These Disney Store dolls were $16.95. Of course, if I wanted to be persnickity, I could flock those front panels on his boots...
I like the movie accuracy,plus, I love coats and gloves for dolls. (All my main dolls have coats. It's the shoes I'm behind on...)I also dislike the painted on shirt the non-Disney Store doll has.This Kristoff's clothes are soft and cozy feeling, which makes him look a lot less cold out here in the snow.Underneath it all he's wearing painted on blue undies.

The back of his coat closes with Velcro. You'll notice this is from later in his photo shoot, after he fell in the snow.

His gloves have string ties. Luckily the strings are sewn into the sides of the gloves so they can't get lost.

Seems to me the waterproof part should be on the palm of the glove. Just a point...

His boots are nice.They have a big slit in the back to make them easy to get on and off. Unlike the old  GI Joes.Those boots were nigh on impossible to get on and off, and Joe had jointed ankles.Of course, his boots didn't have giant slit up the back either.
I like his blushy face, (from being out in the cold, no doubt.),and his friendly, if slightly confused look.His skintone is very realistic.

His hair is sort of metallic looking. Very bronzey. I suppose it was easier to make him look movie accurate with molded hair than rooted. Rooted would have been nice though.It probably would have made him more expensive too.

My Kristoff seems to have a very drastic colouring pattern. His dark hair has been painted in globs at the sides of his head.

His hat isn't held on by anything but it's own nice fit. It stays on well though, due to that fittedness.
  He's a good recreation of the movie character. He has some poseability, although not as much as the Disney Store's female dolls, which have jointed wrists and ankles, and sometimes knees. I think kids who loved the movie would be very happy with this Kristoff. He captures the look from the movie, but is realistic enough to be played with as a modern guy too, once his clothes are changed.
  I was inspired to buy Kristoff not only because he appealed to me as is, but because I saw some pictures of a Kristoff dressed as a regular modern guy on Foxy Belle's Photostream on Flicker She does the most amazing,detailed, and beautifully photographed diorama's. She uses modern dolls, as well as vintage Tammy, Barbie,Tressy, and other dolls. She also does tutorials for making a lot of the things she uses in her dioramas.You can also check her out on Ipernity. I highly recommend her!
  Here are some more pictures from Kristoff's photo shoot.

As cold as it has been, some greenery is peeking through the snow. It's a vine that unfortunately keeps trying to take over.I have to keep some of it pulled out to keep it manageable, although I let a lot of it stay.

And of course this stuff stays green all year. I think they're Yew trees.

One of artist Mary Cicely Barker's beautiful fairy pictures. This is the Yew fairy, one of the Flower Fairies of the Winter. The birds love those little red berries. In the fall they gulp them down like crazy, bulking up for the winter. Our Yew trees were just short shrubs when we moved here almost 20 years ago. Now they reach up to the window on the landing, making it easy to watch the birds. (You can see that window and the Yew trees Here and Here in a couple of Skipper Saturday posts.) We can also watch them out the kitchen window while doing the dishes.  

See you again soon.


  1. I really love this doll. I really like his nonmodel face.Just normal guy:) I lately got my first Disney Store doll, and i very like her, hovever i think, that regular price is too high for doll without any accessories (just doll, dress, cape and flat shoes).

    1. It's nice to see a regular face after the male model Ken has become. (The doll, that is, not my husband Ken!) Watch for sales on those Disney Store dolls. They frequently go on sale for $10. Do yo have a Disney Store near you or do you have to mail order online? They have free shipping deals online sometimes too.

  2. Kristoff looks great! I really like his clothes! They look so warm and cozy :D Also I think he is very similiar to the original movie character.

    1. Of the Kristoff's I've seen I definitely like this Disney Store one best.


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