Monday, January 26, 2015

Diet Week 3 Results: Better Than Nothing, Which is What I Will Now Be Eating at Red Lobster

  Well today is the first day of week 4 of my diet. I was really undisciplined last week. I went off the plan a bit, and then found I was going to be seeing my friend Lori for lunch the next day. Lunch out is hard to keep track of anyway. Lori chose where we ate, and it ended up being Red Lobster. Being a vegetarian I didn't mind doing Red Lobster because they have a delicious Bar Harbour Salad with dried cranberries,nuts, and blueberry vinaigrette dressing, plus those great Cheddar Bay Biscuits.(And for the record,vegetarians DO NOT just eat salad! I usually want something more...chewy than a salad, but I love the Bar Harbor salad.) Well, correction: Red Lobster HAD a Bar Harbor Salad! They got rid of it! I had to tell the employee who told me that that they needed to tell somebody in charge that they had just gotten rid of the only thing that brought me, as a vegetarian, into their restaurant. (The only other thing on the menu I can eat is the mozzarella sticks,which are good, but not a meal. Occasionally I have the cheese sticks and the salad if I'm really hungry.) That's not a big deal to them I'm sure, since they are a seafood restaurant and they don't cater  to vegetarians. But I eat out with friends and a husband who aren't  vegetarian, and we won't eat there if I can't actually eat. The only salad on the menu now is a Caesar salad, which has anchovies in the dressing. The waitress did offer me a salad at no charge, and it wasn't on the menu, (and it should be so people will know.), but they have three salad dressings besides the Caesar, and one of them is the blueberry vinaigrette. So I had a tiny plain salad which consisted of just iceberg lettuce,about three cherry tomatoes, and one circle of onion, as well as the biscuits and mozzarella sticks.I tried not to be too bad and took most of the cheese sticks home to Ivy.
  So anyway, I lapsed that day, but I tried not to be too bad. But still, last week I only managed to lose one pound. If I'm very strict I lose 2 and a half pounds a week. That means I should be at 7 and a half pounds so far. Instead, due to my back sliding my weight has gone down and up and down. I am at 5.4 pounds for three weeks instead of the 7 and a half. I need to be more disciplined, and get some exercise. Emma wants to start exercising with me, and maybe we can get Ivy to do it too. The problem is finding a time in her busy work schedule. I am horrible at making myself exercise. I just hate it. If I could jump outside on my bike I would be ok, but regular exercising is not my thing. (Of course, I need to get my flat fixed before I could do that too!) But that's where the diet is this week. Having to tell on myself here hasn't seemed to make me behave better. It just comes down to not wanting to be fat more than I want to eat...much of anything really! I was good today. One day at a time...   

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