Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doll-A-Day 85:J Doll Magnificent Mile by Jun Planning

Today's doll is another J Doll, Magnificent Mile, by Jun Planning.
I detailed all the box stuff the last couple of days, so I'll spare you that.The box situation and the stand are the same this time too.These boxes are so reflective it was hard to get a decent picture, and this time I could NOT get a good picture of the back. It was night, so I had to use a flash and there was way too much shine on the box.

Her outfit consists of underwear,jeans,a studded belt, a midriff top, socks, shoes, a coat, a toboggan hat,a choker necklace, and a purse. All the clothes seem well made except maybe the shirt, which seems to be barely hanging together, but maybe that's on purpose.

I like her crazy hairy coat. The knitted bits of her coat match her purse.

Don't care for her shirt though.Not modest enough for my tastes.

The plastic was a bit easier to get off on her legs than Diamante. 

At last, cool shoes!(Don't know about those socks though.)

She's also a type 3 Pullip body, like Marche, which I showed you yesterday.Like Marche, she has very stiff, squeaky joints.
That belt rides up.
 Her hair is a much more obvious red than Marche's. Marche's hair is a strawberry blonde that looked blonde in the box. This girl's hair is a darker red colour.Auburn I suppose. The J Dolls are wigged, not rooted, and I have heard that you can change their wigs if you remove them carefully.They are glued on, and someone suggested that it made it easier to remove them if you put the doll in the freezer first. Brrr!!

She has interesting eyes that are a mixture of blue and green.The eyes in the J Dolls are glass, not plastic.I think Magnificent Mile has the most realistic eyes of  my three.The heads of J Dolls don't open for changing the eyes. To change them you have to crack the head open, and take the risk of breaking it. The dolls come in such a range of hair and eye colour, and skin tone, that if you could do all the changing, you could possibly get your perfect doll.
As with Diamante, the stripes on her lips don't look that way in person.They look like a solid colour unless you enlarge the picture this way.(Or you have super magnifying eyesight, which I definitely don't these days!) 
The flatish front of the neck, signifying that she's a type 3 Pullip body is more obvious in this picture than the picture I showed of Marche yesterday.

I like her, but her complexion is a bit orange. She looks sort of tanning boothed.

I prefer the paler complexions on my other two J Dolls.I thought it would be interesting to compare all three.

Diamante, (in a Barbie Look dress), Marche, and Magnificent Mile.

Diamante can't keep her shoes on without some sort of hosiery, and all she has is her knee socks.

As I said the other day, I made a check list to vote on the things I liked about each doll, so I could decide on who to keep. My list came out with two votes for each. Diamante for skin tone and lips,Marche for clothes and eyes, and Mag. Mile for hair and... something else. I've forgotten now. It was a three way tie. I wanted the most poseable body, but wasn't positive which was which. Over all I think Diamante wins on the posing issue,(except for that leg crossing thing.), and although her one hand and one leg both pulled apart when I was trying to get her plastic off, they both popped back in and she's fine. Marche, on the other hand,(ironic choice of words really!) lost her hand just being posed, and it's going to take a bit more trouble to put it back on. (And no guarantees I can do it without breaking her arm.) Diamante also has tighter joints, (that don't squeak!), that hold a pose. The other two started out tight (and squeaky!), but seemed to get so loose after a minute of posing that they were not holding all poses.

  They're all nice though, and beautiful dolls which are worth having, especially if you can get them at the Tuesday Morning price.I had to run all over to find any of these dolls at Tuesday Mornings around here, and we supposedly have the biggest, best Tuesday Morning in Ohio, and one of the top 10 in the country. (At least, that's what they told me at the store.) One of the problems may be that they get so few of these dolls, or that they sell especially well in our area. I only found one of each of these and no others.I thought I must have caught the tail end of them when I found Diamante back in January or February, but then I found the other two only a couple of weeks ago.  So who knows?
  Tomorrow Emma and Ivy and I are going to the big Barbie auction, (Have to get up at 6AM. Bleh!), so we'll see if I get anything!

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