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Doll-A-Day 82: Review of J Doll Diamante La Calle by Jun PLanning

  My birthday presents are the gifts that keep on giving! I am still reviewing the dolls I got for my birthday. It may seem like I got a lot of dolls for my birthday, (and I did.), but for the record, I did get other things too. (A Subway gift card, a Monty Python DVD,a box of my favourite chocolates, (Russell Stover), tickets to see Red Green live,a Paul McCartney Special Edition Life magazine. See? My family and friends varied it a bit.) I got today's doll, along with the 2 AI dolls I reviewed a while back, very early, because I was lucky enough to find them at Tuesday Morning. Ken indulged me a bit this year too. I don't know why.
  Today's doll is Diamante La Calle, by Jun Planning. You may have seen her on this blog before when I had Big Eye week. I was debating on keeping her because she was a bit too goth for me. I would have preferred a less dead looking doll. I was trying to find other J Dolls at other Tuesday Mornings, or even at the one where I bought her. I kept going back, but they never got any more, or at least they didn't have any when I was there. I tried another Tuesday Morning, which had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if they had gotten any J Dolls. I tried a Tuesday Morning that turned out to not be there anymore!I finally found two more J Dolls at another Tuesday Morning. One was one I had seen on another blog, and  thought I would really like. The other was nice too. I bought both, but when I compared them all to decide which I liked best, I couldn't make up my mind. They all had certain things I liked best. One had the hair I wanted, one had the eyes, one had the clothes,and Diamante actually had my favourite skin tone and lips! Also, I think the other two, which I will review in the next couple of days,both have the #3 Pullip body and Diamante has the #4. I'm still not positive about this, since I was waiting to review them before opening them, but I'm pretty sure.There are different good aspects of both of the body types, so I couldn't make up my mind there either! I actually made a check list of all the points I wanted to consider, and they all came out even! I didn't feel I could keep them all though, when I had said that if I found another one I would exchange Diamante for it. So I'm compromising and selling Diamante's dress, which I didn't like anyway.Shew!
Here is Diamante in her box.

And the back of the box.

I can't speak any language but English, so I'm in awe of anybody who can speak multiple languages. I'm not going to make fun of anybody for bad translations, but it is sometimes funny how things turn out in translation though. I found this bit amusing.
There are tape circles sealing the box, but I just pulled up the top one and opened the flap, and the insert pulled right out.

Then of course I was met with this:
Loads of tape covering wire twisty things,thread, and plastic tabs. I had to tear off all the tape circles before tackling the other stuff. The biggest pain was cutting the thread that was holding out the edges of the skirt.
 The J Dolls are all named after famous streets and the clothes are supposed to reflect fashionable clothing of that area. Where does this girl live? This dress is a bit extravagant for day wear.
  She had plastic on her arms, under her gloves, and from her toes to her waist under her socks and underwear. Her hair still had a couple of plastic 'tubes' on it.

 It's a good thing her limbs were covered in plastic, because the plastic was covered in black stains from her socks and gloves.

 When I tried to carefully pull the plastic off I found you can't be careful enough!

The same thing happened with one of her legs. Luckily they popped right back in.
 Her hair was pretty decent right out of the box, thanks, I guess, to those plastic tubes.

 The trim on her dress is sewn on a bit shoddily.Luckily it only shows on the inside.

 Her shoes just look like regular Barbie shoes, and guess what: without the socks they are waaaayyyy too big and won't stay on.
She's actually even prettier out of the box.I don't know how that works, but it's true.

You think I'm kidding about that one hair, don't you?

Her eyes actually look bluer in person, and the stripes on her lips don't really appear as stripes except in this extreme close up.It's like an impressionist painting. From a distance it just appears as a colour.
Out of the three J Dolls I bought, I like her skin tone, (It's pink! Not gray goth!) and her realistic pink lips best.I saw a picture of one of these dolls that someone had put real hair (as opposed to paint) eyelashes on, and it was beautiful.

Part of the way to recognize the different Pullip bodies seems to be the clavical, or collar bone. I'll compare the two when I show my other J Dolls, but this is one of the few differences you might be able to see when the dolls are fully dressed.

As I said, I don't really care for her dress, with all the oversize lace and everything on it. So let's get rid of that.
It's a blouse and skirt, but they are connected by all the stuff, so they are still sort of one piece.
  She's a little modest, so she kept the undies on, (Not that they are modest!It didn't help much.),but we wanted you to check out all her joints.

 Her head can tilt sideways and up and down.Her upper body has a joint, but she can't move on it very much. Her upper arms and shoulders can swivel on a joint.Her elbows, and wrists swivel and bend.Her legs swing out at the hips, her knees bend and swivel,as do her ankles.Without her dress she needs something else to wear. But what will fit?

A Cutie Pops shirt? A little short and the sleeves end up being mid length.
Who owns this shirt/vest combo? It fits.

I think this is a Barbie tank top, but it fits pretty well.

They don't match, but she got cold and put on this jacket. It fits perfectly on her, and Moxie Girls.

A Bratz shirt (the sleeves are too short.), a Mary Kate and Ashley skirt( for one of the smaller versions of them.), which fits, and Only Hearts shoes. They would probably fit with socks or tights.The same goes for shoes from the smaller High School Musical dolls.

High School Musical on the left, Only Hearts Club on the right.
 The High School Musical 10" dolls are pretty close body-wise.

Diamante with High School Musical Gabriella. Both are about 10" tall.

This Mary Kate and Ashley coat fits perfectly, but we couldn't find a blouse.

I think this is Mary Kate and Ashley too.

This Liv shirt is a little big, but no too bad. Don't know for sure who the vest belongs to.
 But her favourite was this Barbie Look Tea Party dress. It's a little big in the bust, but it actually works pretty well.
Oh yeah. She comes with a stand. It has a base with a stone design, and a metal stand that screws into the base and telescopes so you can use it at different heights on the body. They actually give you instructions on how to use it. Who do they think is buying this stuff?

This modelling stuff can be so boring.
 So tomorrow I'll show you another J Doll. No peeking until then.
I'm not looking!

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