Thursday, January 9, 2014

Doll-A-Day, Day 9 : Ratti doll

  The doll for today is this girl.

   I still can't completely make up my mind about her. Is she just too cute?

  Or is she really creeping me out?

Wanna come to my house?

 I don't know alot about her. I think she's from the early to mid sixties, and she was made by Ratti, an Italian doll company.I don't know her real name. I call her Creepy Ratti doll. If anybody knows her real name, please let me know. I know there was a doll with this face and blonde hair called Mary, (the doll, not the hair...) and a Pippi Longstocking with this face, red hair, and pigtails.I don't know if 'Mary' just came in various hair colours, or if all the different colours had different names.

I know where you live...
  She's about 12" tall, and has inset sleep eyes and 'real' lashes. I'm pretty positive this is her original outfit.Her mouth is molded in an open position and she has molded, painted teeth.
  I got her at an auction where I got LOADS of Italian dolls of various brands. Most were from this same era, or close to it. For example, I got several Furga S girls, etc. I got so many Italian dolls,just so many dolls in general. You may have read here before about the auction where I got so many dolls I am still trying to get rid of the last of them. Well that was her auction.I was literally having dreams where I was sorting through Italian dolls. More like nightmares really.Too many dolls! (Never thought I'd say that.)
  The creepy thing about her is her eyes, combined with the weird smile. You may have read me say that I like dolls with teeth. Well I do. Maybe these teeth wouldn't be quite so weird if they were all painted white. But these teeth have pink from her mouth paint on them. Looks like gums and makes her smile weirder.
 Her eyes look kind of like they would be the type that follow you but they're not...thank goodness!

  So far I like her enough to keep her. The kids say she's not nearly as creepy as my Baby See N Say.
 UPDATE: Thanks to a recent comment I now know that this is a Tjorven doll. See the comments for details. Thanks Alice!


  1. Hi.
    This doll was very popular in Norway in 1960-1970. We really loved her.
    Her Norwegian(and Scandinavian) name is Tjorven.

    She cames in light, dark and brown haircolors (and som other nuances), both long(most commond) or short hair. And with orange pigtailes(Pippi).

    She is very popular among collektors in Norway and Denmark today.
    A perfekt darkhair specimen can achieve over 1500,- Norwegian Kroner, over 230 dollar, in auction.

    I hope it was some useful information
    And sorry for my poor english
    Let me know if you desided too sell her.

    Yours Alice Ingebrethsesn

    1. Thanks very much for your information Alice. And by the way, your English is fine. I don't speak Norwegian (or anything else but English) at all, so I'm in awe of those who've mastered another language to any extent!
      Sorry I'm so long in responding to your comment. I have debated with myself on selling her. For that kind of money I would definitely consider it!

    2. Hi Alice! Great information!
      Could you please get in touch with me at ?
      I would like to ask you about a Ratti doll.

    3. Hi there, can someone please help me find a ratti doll like this one. My grandmother gave me one as a child and I lost her :(( I’ve looked on all selling sites with no luck. Nancy Caroline FB 0407039110

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  3. Hi, I have a Ratti doll just like yours, but with short brown curly hair. Do you by any chance know what her name would be, is she a Tjorven too? Thanks, Hanne

    1. Hi Hanne, I can't find much about these dolls. Ratti was an Italian company.I think Tjorven is what the series was called in Norway. It sounds Norwegian. In that case she would be both a Tjorven and a Mary, (as in a Tjorven Mary doll.Like 'a Liv Sophie' or 'a Moxie Girls Kellan'.)There is a web page on that has a lot of information and pictures of the Tjorven dolls. Maybe you can spot yours or send a photo for identification. Just Google Tjorven doll and click on the result with Dollsallover in the title. Wish I could do a link, but I haven't figured that out yet!

  4. Hi there can anyone help me find this similar doll. I had one given to me by my grandmother when I was a child and I lost her :( Nancy Caroline FB 0407039110

    1. See the above comment. Maybe you can use that information to find the name of your particular doll,so you can search auction or sale sites, like Ebay,Etsy,and others. You might also join some doll collector groups on Facebook and get your search out there where someone can help you. In the meantime, maybe someone will see your comment here and contact you. Good luck.


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