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Doll-A-Day 84: J Doll Marche by Jun Planning

   First of all, thanks to our new follower. Welcome Teresa!
  I had to take Ken to work again today, and since he works in the same center where the Goodwill is I stopped in. I found a fully jointed Ken with the jointy wrists. Yay! I have been wishing I had bought one of those when the Fashionistas were on sale at Meijer for $5 before Christmas. This guy was naked, but only a dollar, so good for me. I also found one of the Monster High guys. I'm kicking myself now because this guy is missing one foot and I found the exact same guy there about a month ago who was missing one fore arm. If I had bought him I'd have one complete guy now.

Does anybody know who the girl is? She's marked MGA. The feet look familiar to me, but nothing else.
  Today is the second of my J Dolls reviews. Before I start, let me say that I was in  a bit of a rush when I reviewed Diamante and I forgot to mention that the plastic strip that held her head in place left a shiny  stripe on her forehead. Just wiping it with a damp cloth doesn't seem to do any good, so if anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.And now...
  Today's girl is Marche by Jun Planning.Here she is in her box.

Her outfit consists of flimsy undies, (that were unintentionally showing in the box.Maybe she's into the 'sagging' look. I could never understand the logic of that look. Why wear your pants so low you have to walk funny to keep them up, plus wear shorts under your pants so your underwear----or worse!--- don't show? Just pull your pants up!) , pants, a blouse, jacket,some cool socks,shoes,a beret, a heart necklace,and a matching bag.

And the back.

And once the tape circle is peeled back and the flap is opened, here's the back of the insert.
Same sort of situation as with Diamante, except they made the parts of the stand harder to get out.Here she is with all of her stuff...

Her hair looked blonde to me, but it's actually a sort of strawberry blonde.It's in the same type of plastic 'tube' as Diamante's was, plus she has a thread loop on it.Both scooted right off.

As I said before, the J Dolls are named after famous streets and the clothing is supposed to be representative of clothing from that area. Maybe Marche is near the water, because this girl looks a bit sailory.Once again, her shoes are boring and look alot like Barbie shoes.Luckily she isn't wearing her socks. I also forgot to mention in my Diamante review that the plastic on her legs was on so tight that it was hard to cut off without cutting her socks too.(Or pulling off part of her legs, which I actually did do!) But without the socks on and the stains on the plastic there is no warning that her socks will stain her legs. If these socks are anything like Diamante's, they definitely will.The clothing seems a very good quality. (In fact Ivy was looking at the jacket and said, "This is better than a lot of my clothes."Sheesh.) There are more sloppy stitches inside the jacket though, (like Diamante's dress.)
I love the jacket, but it didn't fit well at all over the shirt. The jacket was too tight and wouldn't pull up properly in the back.It also made her arms so stiff she couldn't pose them.

 If you're very observant you'll notice a little problem here. Read on...

The bag has a tiny zipper. I really don't like that wrist.
Her eyes are blue, and she has a streak of blue eye shadow. I could do without the eye shadow.
I like Marche, but I'd like her better without the blue eye shadow. I know that look is back, but I didn't like the look of it when it was in before.

Cute little red hat.And of course, the dreaded One Hair makes it's appearance.
Diamante had my favourite skin tone and lips of the three J Dolls I bought. Marche has my favourite clothes of the three.I like sailory clothes.She also has my favourite eyes of the three. They're a nice brown.Brown eyes are my favourites, on dolls or people.
Her joints were very stiff and squeaky.After a few movements though, it seemed that her joints didn't hold a pose very well. They got too lose, very quickly.There was another problem too.  

 Her hand just came off! This happened straight out of the box, with hardly any posing! It's not broken. As you can see in the picture, the pin in the wrist fits into a hole in the hand. The halves of the arm must have pulled apart enough for the hand to fall off. I'll have to pry the arm apart a bit to get the hand back on the pin. I just hope I don't break it.

I was going to show her without her clothes so we could see her jointing.But I could NOT get her shirt off! The sleeves are so tight I couldn't scoot them down off her arms! In the end I was afraid I was going to break her arms off or tear her sleeve where the different fabrics join, so I gave up. I might try again another time, when I can take a lot of time and care over it.So she's going to have to pose with her shirt sort of on.

Big ugly back screws.

Here she is compared with Diamante.
Marche has a waist joint and a different upper torso joint.The knees are different, and the upper arm joint is in a different place.

The screws are a bit unattractive.At least they don't show with clothes on.
Here's that difference in the clavical I was talking about.
Marche has a larger, flatter dip in her neck, while Diamante has a small indentation where her clavical should be. This will help determine the different body types on dolls in their box.

 Marche has the type 3 Pullip body, and Diamante has a type 4. For those of you considering getting a J Doll for the body, as a replacement for a Pullip body, I understand that it won't work. The disc on the neck stem is a different size and the neck stem is a different length. So, sorry.So much for that idea. Barb the Evil Genius at My Little Doll Corner did a good comparison of the two bodies, so I  suggest you have a look at her blog for that.

Diamante has bigger hands, but a much nicer wrist joint.I think the placement of the upper arm joint works better too, and Diamante has more poseable wrists, slimmer arms,and a much more attractive wrist joint.

Marche can cross her legs better than Diamante, who can't really cross hers at all.

Marche on the left, Diamante on the right.
Diamante can kneel without falling over, but Marche has to hold on or she falls on her face.

I prefer Diamante's slimmer wrists and more attractive knee and elbow joints.Marche isn't as slim as Diamante, having slightly plumper hips, a bigger rib cage area, and a bigger bottom.She'll probably fit the Barbie dress better than Diamante though.
They actually have a more similar skin tone than I thought.

Since she's wearing sailory clothes, it makes sense she can do this.She's either saluting, or looking out to sea.

This would look so much more impressive with two hands.

Tomorrow we'll look at my third J Doll, Magnificent Mile. (You can see that review HERE.)Since I have covered both body types and the boxes pretty thoroughly with Diamante and Marche, it will be a shorter post.

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