Saturday, March 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 88: Skipper Saturday: Pose N Play Skipper

And so it's SNOWING again. We've gotten probably a couple of inches since this morning. It's very windy and freezing cold. It SHOULD be Spring weather by now. Well, for quite a while now.
  Today's Skipper is one I haven't done at all yet. She's a Pose 'n Play Skipper from 1973.
Skipper wakes up feeling decidedly chilly. Maybe she made the wrong decision to sleep by the patio window in her sleeping bag last night.
"What in the world?!"
"You have got to be kidding me!"

"It's snowing? AGAIN?!"
Pose 'n' Play Skipper has the same body as Living Skipper, with the rubber covered, jointed elbows and knees, and jointed wrists.


She gets up to look out at the wintery, white world.

"Is it ever going to be Spring?"
Huge, fluffy flakes are swirling around.

She has a totally different head though. Pose 'n' Play Skippers don't have rooted eyelashes, and they have shorter, softer hair in double pony tails, with wispy bangs. Their face paint is soft and they have a glow-y complexion.
"Well, there goes that bike ride."

They're very pretty dolls, and I think they're very underrated by collectors.
The ground is covered with snow, and more keeps falling.

She's wearing The Get Ups and Go fashion Super Dreamy for Pajama Parties, from 1973-74.

The cozy footy pajama set includes top, footy bottoms, a green night cap,(which I don't have.), and matching sleeping bag. (I am also missing the white furry cat and pink hair curlers.)

"Well, no reason to get up early I guess!"

"I can't believe this."

"I know one thing."
"I'm going back to bed!"
"I really wanted to go on that bike ride..."
"It's freezing next to this window."
"I'm taking this sleeping bag back to my room.And I'm not coming out until Spring!"

And yes, this was the view out of our window today! And also yes, I decided to turn the tile she was sitting on mid way through. I started out thinking it looked like tile with the brown side up, but then I changed it.  I was in a hurry to play games with Ken and Ivy, so I didn't redo it. So sue me.
See you tomorrow for another doll.

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