Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Great Yard Sale Find of the Season

First of all, welcome to our new follower, northstar62. Thanks for joining us!
  Today is Skipper Saturday of course,but that will be a separate post. I wanted to share with you my first great find of the yard saling season.Yesterday I swooped in on this cool deal:

It's Madeline's Old House in Paris dollhouse by Eden.
It only has three pieces of the railing for the roof, but you can't have everything!

I loved this house when it first came out years ago, but it was so expensive.I think it was sold in the mid to late 90's, when Emma was small.
It has a battery operated door bell and a working porch lamp, (It's detatched and laying on the roof. I can't figure out where it attaches!) I haven't checked them out yet to see if they work. The chimney pots look better when they're attached too.

 The roof is a little yellowed and the outside is a little sunfaded, but it looks alot better now after a wipe down.

It has a lot of the furniture that was available for the house, but not everything.
The house has apparently been taken over by two bears. This one waits for a phone call at the kitchen table. It's gonna be a long wait buddy. That thing's not even hooked up.

This room is the only one missing a window. That bear thought there was a draft...

Unfortunately the hamper is missing the lid. I'm not sure if the first aid kit on the sink is Madeline or not. The great vintage style trunk is by Shackman. The tray sits down inside, just like a real trunk.

Hey bears! Someone's been sleeping in your beds, and they're STILL THERE! This dollhouse family is squatting in the upstairs bedroom. At least they brought some extra furniture. This old set is painted wood. Anybody know the maker? The dog is Only Hearts Club.

 One comment on this house: Everything is scaled for the 8" Madeline and friends dolls,so what does poor Miss Clavel do?

There were also alot of other miniature goodies.
Complete bathroom gear,a dining room table with a removeable leaf, and an old fashioned stove. Just what I've been wanting for the kitchen in one of my 1/12th scale dollhouses!

See?! It's perfect! (Hey, this house looks pretty good...)
 By the way, don't mind that giant green fish in the frying pan on the stove.

The fish seems to be aware of his impending doom. Check out that look on his face. That stove needs a clean up.
Apparently Fuzzy stuck him in the dollhouse living room recently. I found him there and put him in the frying pan on the stove. I don't think Fuzz has noticed that yet. And dollhouse lady says don't look at the holes in her stockings...

Loads of other stuff, including a fireplace,a book case full of fake books, and more!
 This house and the furniture are still really expensive! Each window or piece of railing can get $5 or more.The furniture gets more than that. For all this stuff we paid $30! Ken put on his poor tortured man face when I bought it. He's just counting the $30 that he lost.
Check out my other post today for Skipper Saturday.


  1. Thank you for the welcome. I've really enjoyed looking at all your dolls. And I love your dollhouse.

    1. Thanks Linda. I love sharing them.

  2. $30? What a steal-This is an awesome house! Who is living in it these days?

    1. The house is unoccupied at the moment. In fact, I'm so out of room I'm thinking of getting rid of it after all. I love the furniture and appliances more than the house itself, but they aren't scaled for any of the dolls I would make a house for. I don't know what I'm going to do right now, but luckily the house breaks down for fairly small storage while I'm thinking!


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