Thursday, June 12, 2014

Doll-A-Day 147:A Doll of My Own Making:Polka Dot Girl

     First of all, London Peony, your prize is in the post. As I said in the reply to your recent comment, never assume a man has actually done what you asked him to do. Ken just got your package off today,after I assumed he had done it Monday, and then Tuesday, while I was gone, since it seemed to have disappeared from his desk.To quote the SCTV sketches with Mrs. Falbo and her side kick: "You know what happens when we assume: It makes an ass of u and me."

Today's doll is a little girl I made.

She's only about 1 3/4" tall.

Like some of the other little dolls I made that have appeared on Doll-A-Day, she has a wooden head,a wired body covered with felt, sculpted felt hands, and painted on shoes and socks.

Her wired body makes her poseable.

I always see her as on her way to or from a birthday party.That's supposed to be a balloon she's carrying.

Her hair was a bit more curly when I first made her. The curl has relaxed a little over time.

That's all for today. Tomorrow's another doll.


  1. She is so cute! I love love love her dress and so small! I love the face, it is very hard to paint on a curved surface but it came out lovely! Do you use an interface for the skirt? What size of needles did you use and how many times did you stab yourself with them? What paints and sealer did you use on the shoes? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Margarita! Interface? I know nothing about sewing, but I think that means some kind of lining? It's just the fabric, since being so small it can get too thick very easily. I think on this one I did turn the fabric under to make the skirt puffier. Mostly I run a stitch around the waist to draw it into a circle and make gathers,and the rest is usually glued because it's so small that you'd have to sew on a very thin strip, which just makes it unravel.Her head and shoes are painted with acrylic paint and glazed with a non yellowing glaze. I'll have to look to see what I used. I've used a couple, but I like the one better than the other. It's just a clear glaze that I buy at Hobby Lobby.

    2. Yes, I sew for my dolls and the smallest size I've done is for my LPS blythes. The interface helps th garment keep its shape and I think if I do smaller scale the fabric would be too thick or come undone. Please do tell me which brand. The last time I used Modpodge and it cracked everything. I might have used wrong but it made me put everything away and go do something else.

    3. I'm finally answering your question! Sorry for the delay. I used Triple Thick by Deco Arts. I buy it at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns. Check out the nesting doll post for Doll-A-Day 164 for details about Triple Thick.


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