Sunday, June 22, 2014

Doll-A-Day 157: Nistis Bullfighter

  Well, here I am again! This is my second post today, to make up for missing Skipper Saturday yesterday. So if you were missing Skipper Saturday, it's here on Sunday. (Huh?) My previous post today shares my latest Skipper with you, so check it out.
  Today's actual 'official' doll is this guy:

I bought him yesterday in an antique store Emma, Ivy, and my sister, and I went into.

He's a Nistis doll, made in Spain.
The wire sword in his cape hand was bent. Whoops! This is before I straightened it out.

He's about 10" tall.Nistis dolls are very similar to Klumpe dolls, but apparently not as valuable.

Pretty cute though.His hands and feet are felt, but his face is not.

I love his curled up toes!

He's a little soiled, and his sword needed straightened, but he was only $2.

That's all (and at two posts that's plenty!). See you tomorrow.

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