Sunday, June 22, 2014

Doll-A-Day 156: Skipper Saturday on Sunday

  I'm doing a little catch-up today. I just recently bought a a beautiful brunette straight leg Skipper and I wanted to share her even though I missed Skipper Saturday yesterday.

I got her online for less than $10 plus shipping! No one else bid on her!

She has that lovely powdery complexion often found on Sample Skippers, so from the pictures I thought there was a chance she might be one.

She's not a Sample Skipper, but she's beautiful just the same.

She has a small scuffy spot on her upper lip,but until I find my glasses, (I think I left the best pair in Emma's truck last night.), I'm not going to tamper with it!

In looking at these pictures I also see I need to do a little more clean up on that left eye!

When I got her she was wearing some partially made homemade clothes. I was trying to decide what she would look best in with her rosy lips and pinkish colouring, (even though she's a tan skinned doll.). I was trying to decide between Ballet Class,Party Pink, Rolla Scoot,and the outfit I chose, Me and My Doll. I didn't even get to Party Pink or Rolla Scoot,because when I held Me and My Doll up to her, it was so perfect for her.

Me and My Doll was available in 1965-66. It coordinates with  Barbie's fashion Dancin' Doll.

Included in Me and My Doll are the dress, pink half slip,white socks, white flats, and a miniature Barbie doll with a matching (removeable) pink and white gingham skirt.

 The little skirt is so often lost.I suppose that even if someone found one they wouldn't know what it is.

The elastic is all stretched out in little Barbie's skirt.

 When we were kids my sister found one of these miniature Barbies at school. I always loved her. She used to be so soft that I was able to lift her tiny arms and watch them go back in place veeeery slowly. Now days she has lost her suppleness, (I know how she feels!)and if I dared lift her arms they might break off!

 I didn't use the white socks because there was no way I was going to get those flats on over them. One of them split when I put it on her anyway.As you can see in this picture,this doll's legs have pale rings around them. It's not just colour either. The rings are slightly raised, a bit like welts! I suppose I should have put pants on her instead of a dress, but she still looks very nice this way.

I had to reweave her part just a little, because she had a bare spot on the top of her head when she arrived. It filled in nicely though.

Remember, this was an extra post. Check out my other post today for today's 'official' doll!

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