Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Doll-A-Day 159: Gene 'Incognito'

  Today's doll is Mel Odom's Gene 'Incognito, made by Ashton Drake.

I have wanted this Gene for a while. I got her at the auction last week.

I'm not crazy about blondes, but I love this outfit. Ivy does too, and wants a human sized version of it.

This is the Gene without jointed knees. Her arms can move outward from her sides though.

Gene is supposed to be a movie star in the golden age of films. This Gene definitely has that look about her. I could see Grace Kelly in an outfit like this.

 I was lucky enough to get this Gene in her box. The ribbon holding her in was untied, but she is mint. Her sunglasses and purse were still in the plastic.

Incognito is from 1998.

Gene is about 15" tall.

  I've always liked Gene, since the dolls were first introduced in the early 90's. I prefer this original Gene face to the later one.

Gene just got her photo shoot in before the rain POURED. It's been raining almost everyday lately. That's ok. My corn is coming up quite well.


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