Monday, June 9, 2014

'Gardening', If You Can Call it That...

  No doll today. I was far too busy to get any pictures taken. I mowed the yard, (Which is harder than you would think, since I use a non motorized push mower.), pulled weeds, hung laundry,washed dishes,thinned out the corn and replanted the pulled up plants, moved a couple of Rose of Sharon plants,took down the laundry,and in between,watched "A Guy Named Joe" with Ken and Ivy. Shew! Luckily it was a fairy cool day. Of course, the temperature didn't help my cheese injury and my foot was killing me before I had half that stuff done.
  The corn is coming up pretty well, but some little creature has been enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of my labour, as several of my tomatoes had the leaves eaten off, and  some of the corn had had the seed eaten, leaving nothing but a rootless piece of greenery. If the plants make it long enough to get established we might get some veg this year.
  Tomorrow I'm accompanying Emma to The Big City, where she has a meeting for work. I'm not sure what we'll be doing other than the meeting, but knowing Emma it will probably involve a Target store at least.


  1. Hi Tam,
    I like the pictures of your garden - it looks lovely, wild and green. I'd like to fill my yard up with all sorts of food and flowers, but my brood would probably object, as they enjoy being outside (playing) for the time being. Anyway, I was wondering if you had ever tried putting a glass jar of water in your garden? My parents used to do that to frighten off the critters, and I've used the same trick in my small (food) garden plot when something was clearly munching in there. If they are four legged nocturnal beasties, they will get frightened off, thinking that they are seeing another animal in the garden. Last year, I forgot to bring the jar in, and it froze (ooops).Fortunately, we never seem to have a shortage of spaghetti sauce jars, so I'll have a new one out there soon.

    I'm looking forward to receiving my prize, as all that ever seems to arrive in the mail for me these days are bills and addressed junk mail. Although I'm tickled at the thought of being a runaway winner, it's not much fun without competition! I encourage others to join the fun!

  2. It's wild and green alright! So wild my neighbors the Selfish Giants like to call the city on me all the time. I figure if I want trees growing in front of my house it's my business, and the city admits there's no law against it. But could I please cut them so my neighbors will stop complaining? Hmmm. A glass jar. I'll have to try that. Now, do you have a solution for the squirrels eating all my baby pears?! The ground was littered with them today. I'll be lucky to have any left by the time they get ripe. I'm going to try the aluminum pie pan trick that's used to keep birds away and see if that does any good.
    The prize is in the mail. (Finally! Never assume a man has done anything you leave in his care.) It should reach you soon.


Thanks in advance for your comments.