Saturday, June 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 163: Skipper Saturday:Funtime Skipper

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is the European Funtime Skipper.

She has bend legs and a twist and turn waist.She was available in 1974.

When I saw her at an auction I thought she was Partytime Skipper from 1976-79. Partytime is also a European Skipper that looks like a Malibu Skipper with pale skin and pale blonde hair. The big difference is that Partytime's legs don't bend.

She was wearing something else when I got her, but another of the Skippers I got at that auction was wearing Funtime's yellow two piece bathing suit.The presence of the bathing suit was another tip off that this doll was Funtime Skipper.

She's wearing her original bathing suit, and Skipper's Flower Girl Get Ups 'n Go dress from 1978.

Mattel had already made a Skipper fashion called Flower Girl, but what else are you going to call a Flower Girl outfit?

This Flower Girl consists of this dress, a matching bonnet,a bouquet, and yellow flats.

This outfit is actually considered to be rare.

The bright blue eyes stand out better on this pale doll than Malibu Skipper.It doesn't help that Malibu also has lots more black eye makeup!

I like this girl way better than the weirdly tan Malibu Skippers.

Although she does have the same stiff, course hair as Malibu Skipper.

I've never been a fan of tans anyway. As a red haired person, I tend to be naturally pale, and I like being pale,or as a pale friend of mine used to say, "maintaining my perfect fish belly complexion". My mother never really realized she was raising a red haired kid, (She had brown hair.), and always complained that I was "pasty pale". She could never understand that I don't mind being pale. (I actually tan. I just don't want to.) Anyway,I'm not as 'pasty' as I could have been, considering the red hair thing. I'm pink really.

 Maybe this doll is just Malibu Skipper after she wised up to the tanning/skin cancer thing.

See you tomorrow with another doll.


  1. Hi Tam! This is an unrelated comment. I just wanted to let you know that my prize has arrived! It is exquisite! It was actually here on Wednesday, however, as that was the eve of of the last day of school, I did not have a chance to actually OPEN the envelope until yesterday (and that was just before running out the door). Since the next couple of days don't appear to be as ridiculously hectic, I'm hoping to be able to set up the board and take some pictures. Thank you so much!

    P.S. If you get this more than once, my computer was acting up....either that or I really needed to have that cup of tea first.

  2. Hi London. Glad you liked the checkers set! I would love to see the pictures when you get them taken. Are you posting them on your blog? If not, maybe you could send them to me somehow and I could post them here. Maybe that would encourage others to enter the next competition!
    And by the way, I only got the comment once. Guess that tea wasn't needed after all!

  3. She is so much better than Malibu skipper. I don't have this one and now I'll have to keep my eyes open for one. Love the cute swimming suit and dress! I did notice the left sleeve pulls down the shoulder, is that normal? To get the wrinkles off doll skirts and fluff the gathers use steam, it makes a big big difference and a better alternative if your item is to delicate/ old yo wash away the odors some finds may have. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Remember there are two that look like this. The other I mentioned,Partytime looks like this with only slightly different eye paint and soft legs that don't bend. She comes in a yellow dress. I think she's rarer though.The left sleeve pulls down because I pulled the dress on over the bathing suit because I'm lazy! I pulled the dress out of my Skipper clothes recently. I'd never put it on a doll and it is pretty pruney. Maybe now its on a doll that will be on a stand some of the wrinkles will fall out! I also need to smooth the ribbon on the front.

  4. Maybe a little late, but Party Time Skippers legs DO bend (I have 2 variations of her in my collection) The real difference between Party Time Skipper and Fun Time Skipper is that the first one has real eyelashes. By the way, there is actually a third Skipper that looks like Party Time and Fun Time: European Bend legs Skipper. She came in the same swimsuit as Fun Time Skipper, but blue of color.


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