Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doll-A-Day 160: Tutti Friend Chris in "Flower Girl"

  Today's doll is Tutti's friend Chris.

Chris was produced by Mattel in the U.S. between 1967 and 1971, and longer in other countries.

She came as a brunette or a blonde. Most of the brunettes have hair that has oxidized over time to various shades of auburn. Today's Chris is one of the few who haven't oxidized.

This is probably the most accurate picture of her hair colour.

She's wearing Tutti's Flower Girl fashion from 1968-69.

Flower Girl consists of the dress,head band, white bow flats,and bouquet.
Her hair looks a bit auburn here, but it isn't really. It's nice and dark.

I was shocked and upset today when I took her out of my glass case and discovered that her head had started to yellow. I've seen this problem before with my childhood Buffy, so I immediately popped poor Chris's head off. Sure enough the wires that make her body poseable that were sticking up out of her neck knob had started to rust. I was furious! This Chris was so beautifully pink. Somehow she has gotten dampness in her body and her wires are rusting. Looking her over I saw that she also had spots on her leg and her arm. I will need to rebody her with a good body. For today's pictures she stole (No. Borrowed.) the body of one of my blonde Chris's.

Luckily I caught her before she was ruined.But she was sooo pretty and pink!
Chris fit her photo shoot in between rain showers. The rain keeps coming and the corn keeps growing. I'm the impatient type. I have planted this corn and I want to see results NOW! Waiting for vegetables to grow drives me crazy. "A watched pot never boils" as the saying goes. But does watched corn grow? It better, or I'll end up with nothing, because I'm sitting on this corn like a mother hen! I have lots of small tomato plants too, and a couple of big ones, but only two lonely little blooms that will hopefully grow into some big fat tomatoes.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Sorry about your doll, her borrowed body makes her look healthy and she has a cute face. I don't have her but you have totally made me crave her! I wish Mattel would special "anniversary" release them. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I've thought about the repro idea too. If they were made for adult collectors the safety problem with the wires wouldn't be such an issue. What would be great would be if Mattel would sell replacement bodies with different wiring that doesn't make the dolls go green or blue, or their heads turn yellow. Of course, the new bodies would probably be prohibitively expensive because the sales would be limited. It's an idea though.

  2. Chris is my favorite. SHe is sooo very cute! My childhood Chris was a Chris with copper red hair. I got her after my Grandfather's dead, when illness and death was long in my family, and many sad moments, loneliness, mourning was around. I was only eleven, it was too much for me, and my Mother decided I needed some brightness, and bought me many Mattel dolls, which she always refused. CHris was among them. ANd I got some copper minatures, too, and the color matched to her hair, so she drove around in the country and sold the copper items to the Sunshine family's members :)
    Tutti never grew so close to my heart, though I had her before; a school comrade had Tutti, took her with her in the bath tube, this was the way I met Tutti first. But Chris was my beloved little one. Later I had Carla, the black girl, too. My Mother refused to buy Todd, I have him today, several times, in red and brown. I have several Chrisses, too. A blonde, and some brown and red. I think red is the most common in Germany. SHE IS SO CUTE!

  3. I've heard about people which make new wire into the bodies. I never could manage it, the wire use to stop on its way and look suddenly out of arm or leg. But did you try it? If you choose a wire with plastic around maybe the green cannot get out?

    1. I have heard you can replace the wires,but I've never tried. Seems like it would be too hard to do.


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