Thursday, June 5, 2014

Human Size Ken Doll Sandals at Target

  I just wanted to share this amusing find. Tuesday while we were out for Emma's birthday we were shopping at Target when Emma spotted something;

Target sandals.
These sandals, which she immediately recognized as dead ringers for these sandals

Vintage Ken doll sandals.

   I had to laugh, because she was absolutely right. Ok, they do come in other strap colours, (yellow and orange, I think, were the only two other colours.),but the red ones look exactly like vintage Ken doll sandals. "The only thing they need," I said, "is to have had cork soles." "They do!" Emma said, and showed me the side view.

The inner lining covers the cork, but the soles are indeed made of cork! Are they paying Mattel anything for rights on these things?
  The only thing is, they are women's sandals, so if you were thinking of making your husband part of a Barbie and Ken costume team next Halloween, he'd better be a guy with small feet.


  1. That is so funny! I saw some shirts that are spot on vintage ken in the mall for teens. I think its the 60s vibe!

    1. I guess it's about time.Women have been trying to look like Barbie dolls for years!


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