Thursday, June 26, 2014

Doll-A-Day 161: European Todd

  First of all, welcome to IHime, our newest follower here at Planet of the Dolls. Thanks for joining us!
  Sorry to be sort of stuck on a theme, but today's doll is another Tutti spinoff, like yesterday's Chris. Today's doll is Todd, Tutti's brother.
Don't all kids love climbing trees? I know I did.If I wasn't so fat and old I'd probably still do it!

I just got him in the mail today so I thought, why not share him.

This is the 1977 European version. I can tell since he's wearing his original shorts. He should also be wearing a red short sleeved shirt with a checked collar, socks, and blue shoes.Oh well. The shorts are better than nothing,and it was hot today....
Gonna have to find this guy a shirt.

European Tutti, Todd and Chris dolls are a bit beefier than their American counter parts. This is due to the heavier rubber they are made out of. Their heads are thinner though.Strange...
Euro Todd on the left, American Todd, in his original outfit, on the right.Euros also usually have choppier hair and receding hairlines.The titan hair is much darker than the U.S. titian.

The line was discontinued here in the U.S. in 1971 because the wires in the dolls tended to poke through the rubber and were considered dangerous.The European Tutti and friends continued through 1980, but with the heavy rubber. It makes them harder to pose, but I haven't seen a European Tutti/friends doll with their wires poking out.

American Todd was only available for a couple of years,(1966-68.) and only in 2 editions: a single boxed doll, and with Tutti in the Sundae Treat set.
American Todd on the right is the single boxed doll version.

While U.S. Todd was only available as a titian haired (red head), doll,Euro Todd was available as a brunette or a titian doll.

While poor U.S. Todd had nothing but the clothes on his back (and the sundae he came with in Sundae Treat.), since no fashions were produced for Todd here, Euro Todd has quite a wardrobe.

This Todd was a lucky internet find. I've been wanting a Euro Todd for some time, and this guy was affordable.He's in nice condition, and I was so pleased to find he was wearing his original shorts under some grungy old jeans.

That's the doll for today. See you tomorrow.


  1. His running in the grass! Awesome photography and the model is so cute. I noticed his face coloring is different from the US too? He has blush on his cheeks giving a healthier rosier glow whereas the US has a yellowish fading tan with no blush plus he looks a little bit like a thug, haha! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks! I've been disappointed with a lot of my photos lately, so that's greatly appreciated.Yes. European Tutti and friends of this era have the pinker vinyl/rubber, and more blush. I think usually they look more orangy. The U.S. Todd I showed is actualy a little washed out. Normally they aren't that pale if you get a good one. The single boxed Todd I showed doesn't have blush, but the Sundae Treat Todd has nice blushy cheeks, and most of the time he has longer, fuller hair too. As far as the 'thug' aspect, awww! Poor Todd. He's not really a thug, it's just that cloth cap that makes him look tough!


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