Thursday, June 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 154: A Doll of My Own Making: Pink Princess

  Well, it was kind of a last minute decision, but Emma and I went to the Barbie auction today. We got up early, (after going to bed late!), so we got very little sleep. I couldn't sleep when I went to bed, so I didn't even get the sleep I could have.Anyway, we're both exhausted. Emma did her radio show and came over for dinner. I mowed part of the yard and have to go pick Ken up from work LATE tonight. So, for the sake of quickness, I am showing you another of the dolls I made today. I'll show my auction goodies tomorrow.
  Today's doll is a pink princess that I made for the repeat customer who ended up never paying for her that I told you about before.

She's about 2 and a half inches tall.

Like most of my other dolls that I have shown you, she has a wooden head,a wire body covered in felt, sculpted felt hands, and painted on shoes.

Her face is painted with acrylics and glossed with a non yellowing glaze.(Hang in there Margarita. I haven't had a chance to check the name of that glaze yet!)

I think her hair is mohair. It's been a while since I made her. 

 That's all for today. Tomorrow we'll see what I bought at the auction today!


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