Saturday, June 14, 2014

Doll-A-Day 149: Happy Flag Day! Skipper Saturday:Malibu Skipper in Best Buy

  Happy Flag Day.Today's doll is celebrating Flag Day too. She's Malibu Skipper.

She's wearing a Best Buy outfit from 1976, when patriotism and flags were all the rage due to the Bicentennial.

The outfit consists of the white hat with blue vinyl bill, the red shirt with iron on type colonial flag, and white pants with red stitching. These pants are from a different Best Buy outfit from 1974, since I don't have the right ones.

These shoes are, I think Skipper shoes from the 70's. The outfit didn't come with shoes.

I need to re-glue the flag on this shirt.

Malibu Skipper was produced in many different original outfits for several years.

Malibu Skipper isn't one of my favourite Skipper's, but she's definitely not my least favourite either.That honour goes to this girl:

Some Malibu Skipper's can be quite nice. Like this girl. 

Aaaaaand here's the One Hair!

Malibu Skipper often has a tendency to develop green or pale spots on her face or legs.This doll is still very nice.

Malibu Skipper has a twist waist, as well as bendable knees.

That's it for this week's Skipper Saturday. Today Lori and I went to the flea market. Tomorrow we'll see what I got.


  1. Malibu Skipper is the oldest Skipper I own. I don't like her orange skin or her brithle/coarse hair but she looks good in her 70's ensembles. I keep her away from my other skippers because I see her and she makes the others look weird, or is she the weird one? Don't know but that way she gets her own corner and once in a while lps blythe comes and visits. Thank you for sharing! Lovely outdoor pictures!

    1. I agree about the weird suntanned skin and the course hair, and add to that the strange eyes and the overly serious demeanor. But some of them can look nice, and as you said, you need the right era doll to display the clothes. I always try to use the doll and clothes from the same year when I do Skipper Saturday.

  2. I have to agree with you about the Skipper you don't she that Hot Stuff Skipper from 1984?

    1. I think they may have made a few Skippers with that head mold, but yes, Hot Stuff Skipper was one of them. HOW did they think that doll was not ugly?!


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