Friday, May 2, 2014

Doll-A-Day 122: Gene 'Savannah' by Ashton Drake

  Today's doll looks nice and Springlike, although if you were a real person outside in this outfit today you'd be freezing!

She's Savannah Gene by Ashton Drake.

Gene was designed by Mel Odom and introduced at Toy Fair in 1995. I had wanted one since then, but only got my first one (actually, two.)at a yard sale about 6 or 7 years ago.

She was given a history as Gene Marshall,a movie star from the golden age of film.

Although Gene never aged, she was produced as a star from the fourties through the fifties.

Gene is 15 and a half inches tall. This Gene isn't as articulated as the later ones were. They have jointed knees at least. This makes Gene pretty stiff and not able to be posed in many realistic ways.

I always thought she was so pretty though.Gene was discontinued for a while and now the new Gene has a different face. I don't like the new one.

I was lucky enough to get some of my Gene's at an auction, where only one other person was bidding on them.Practically all of the stuff was NRFB, and some still in the shipper boxes.

This girl had never been out of her box until this photo shoot. I'm waiting for a glass case of some sort so they can stay dust free. And yes, her hair is still in the net. I'm bad with hair and it was windy. I thought it would be safer for now!
 They were in boxes of three items, either a doll and two outfits, or two dolls and one outfit. The other lady wouldn't go above $20 a box, so as long as I was willing to go to $25 I could get anything I wanted!

She's 'Savannah', so she's supposed to look like she's on a savannah. Get it? (A savannah is a grassland with few trees. Actually, she's in my garlic.It has grown quite nicely, hasn't it?)
Unfortunately it was at the end of the day and I had spent my wad already. I pushed it and bought about 4 lots. I sold some of what I got so I could keep what I really wanted. I made my money back but almost sold this girl too.

What was I thinking?!

Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday! See you then.

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