Saturday, May 3, 2014

Doll-A-Day 123: Skipper Saturday: Titian Twist and Turn Skipper

 I took today's pictures the other day when it was quite overcast. Today was a very nice Spring day, even if it couldn't decide if it wanted to be sunny or dark. For most of the day it was quite sunny with a cool wind. I saw the first flower bloomed out on my lilacs by the back door.The Selfish Giants were out doing yard work and playing extremely loud music. (You know. The kind of thing they would call the police over if I did it.)
  As I was hanging my laundry out, a honey bee landed on my pin basket. It was very tiny, the smallest I've ever seen. It was probably half the size of a regular bee. I hope the bees are just sending out the youngsters, and this isn't a sign the bees are doing poorly. His back legs were covered with pollen, so he looked like he was wearing a pair of puffy yellow pants.I watched him as he cleaned his face and front legs. When he took off I urged him "To the pear tree! To the pear tree!" I was afraid he was heading off, but he did land on the pear tree after all. Maybe he will tell his friends and I will get some pears this year!
    This week's Skipper Saturday is my favourite Skipper.

 I could use a better version of her, but the titian Twist and Turn Skipper is my all time favourite.

She has rooted eyelashes, and the pink Mod Era skin tone, with blushy cheeks.

Unfortunately my girl has had a bit of a bangs trim.She's still beautiful though.I can pretend she has cowlick for a doll this pretty...

She's wearing one  of my very favourite Skipper fashions too: Posy Party, from 1968.

Posy Party includes the flowered dress, a hot pink under dress with a flowered ruffle that matches the dress, white lace stockings, soft hot pink flats,and an ice cream sundae and spoon.

Lacey sleeves too.

My girl is wearing the dress and flats. I'm not sure if my dress is a little faded, or if it came bright or muted.

The shoes are a softer plastic than the earlier Skipper flats.They're almost rubbery.

As you can see, the wild, (but inedible) strawberries are flourishing.

 Tomorrow starts a theme week. What will it be?

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