Saturday, May 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 130: Skipper Saturday: Living Skipper in Budding Beauty

  It's very chilly here again! Will the warm weather NEVER come to stay for at least more than a couple of days?! Ivy is off to Cedar Point Amusement Park today with the school orchestra and choir. She's going to freeze. It looks like rain too, but it's been looking that way for three or four days now, with only a couple of sprinkley minutes yesterday.
  Today's doll is in keeping with our theme this month: 'May Flowers'. It's Living Skipper in Budding Beauty.

Living Skipper has her original hair ribbons. They match really well with this dress.

Why Skipper, what a lovely stain you have on your dress.Where did that come from?!

Budding Beauty is from 1970, so it's exactly the right time period for this doll.

The sleeves are prone to fraying and coming apart at the shoulder. Those stitches in the sleeves are also usually not drawn up anymore. This one's sleeves actually have some pucker left in them.

There were at least three different versions of Budding Beauty. This is the most common.
The flowers on the bodice are flocked. There's also a version with rose printed cotton fabric that was also used in a Francie outfit, and a pale pink version of the dress with yet another bodice fabric.

It's supposed to come with hot pink squishy flats, like the ones we saw on last week's doll in Posy Party.This girl is wearing white flats though.

Living Skipper had the advantage over straight leg, and even bend leg Skipper, in that she is so poseable.

I don't know what these flowers are. Probably just a weed, but the flowers are pretty, and so tiny. They're just the right size for Skipper.

Her arms bend at the elbow, and her hands bend and swivel at the wrists. Her knees bend, and she has a swivelly waist.The bends in the knees and elbows are covered by rubber 'skin', but not the wrist joint. The rubber arms and legs more often than not react with the plastic body and they melt together, making them unposeable and with unsightly melt marks. The body also tends to crack. 

Her head is  more poseable than other Skipper's allowing it to be tilted.
Yes, that is indeed a beautiful dirt mark. How did I not see that before I started taking these pictures?!

In spite of all this poseability, and the fact that so many Living Skipper's have beautiful faces,she's still not very popular with collectors.

See you again tomorrow.

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