Sunday, May 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 131: Happy Mother's Day! A Group of Very Special Handmade Dolls

  Happy Mother's Day from The World Family, and me! 


  Being a mother is just about my favourite thing. Today I'll be spending as much time as possible with the reasons I am celebrating this day: my kids!(I'm writing this post while I'm all alone on Saturday!)

Emma, Fuzz, and Ivy.
 I don't have a mother anymore, but when I did, it was this beautiful lady.

If only I looked more like her!(Or anything like her!)
  Today, in honour of Mother's Day, I'm going to show you some 'dolls' made by my children. Lest they be too embarrassed, please remember that they were small when they made these!
  These are probably the oldest ones. Emma made these YEARS ago. They're supposed to be her and Fuzzy.Her hair used to be blonde when she was a kid.
Looks like Fuzz needs to work on his biceps...or...something...

They're made of Sculpey. I've always loved the colours she used.
She also made this girl.

She obviously has some problems with her hands, but I love her pink cheeks and her hair.

Ivy made this girl when she was very small, but she still thought to put wrinkles in the girl's lips!

There is also detail in her socks.

She does bear a certain resemblance to the Fluke Man from X-Files, but I think she's cute.
Ivy made this tiny girl too.

She looks so sad.
She's not quite an inch tall. She reminds me of the original size Polly Pockets.

Fuzz made this cute penguin a few years ago.

He's only about an inch and a half tall.Fuzz was very frustrated that his left foot kept falling off. After repeated gluings, etc., it's still not attached.

He was gorgeous when he was just made, but something funky has happened with his glaze. Still such a cute little guy though.
Fuzz also made this teeny tiny Neopets Blumeroo for me. It's barely half an inch tall!

Fuzz's great at making super tiny things.

He was very into Neopets when he was a kid, and had a bazillion of them. The Blumeroo was my favourite, so he gave me this blue one from his collection and made me the mini.

I have loved Freakies since they were around when I was a kid. (They were cereal mascots.) Fuzz and I found this purple Gargle figure at a yard sale years ago when Fuzz was little,then Fuzz made me this orange version.

  Something very Play-Doh-like is happening with the Sculpey, but when he first made him and brought him to me I thought at first it was a real one! I even asked him where he'd gotten it. He did such a great job!
  I keep all these in a house shaped doo-dad shelf in my bedroom.They may not be perfect, but they're some of my favourite things.
  Tomorrow is another doll day. See you then.

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