Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Blogiversary To Me! Planet of the Dolls is One Year Old Today!

  Hurray! Today is my one year blogiversary! Hard to believe it's been a whole year. Time flies when you're having fun! When I began this blog it was to have 'someone' to share my excitement with over my doll finds and acquisitions, who would appreciate them more than my family and friends who have no interest! I'm still at it,so I'm still having fun. I've particularly enjoyed doing the themed posts, and the research it took to do them. I learned some things I never knew,and I hope you did too!
  To celebrate the one year blogiversary of Planet of the Dolls, I'm going to do a little give-away. Anybody anywhere can enter. There will be a choice of three different prizes, since my blog is not specific to any one size doll. We're going small and sweet with the prizes, but if all goes well the next giveaway may have bigger prizes. Here are your choices:

For dollhouse 1/12 scale, Kelly/ Chelsea, Ai, Puki, Amelia Thimble, and other tiny dolls, there is this hand made (by me.)checkers game.

The board measures 1 and a half inches wide. It's made of wood with paper overlay, and glossed for durability. (You know how those dolls scoot those checkers around!) The checkers are plastic and hand coloured.(I have little elves come in and do that at night.)And yes, there are the right number of checkers, so you could really play. (If you have the eyesight of an eagle and the patience of a saint!) Here are a couple of pictures of the board in use for you to be able to see the scale.Ai doll Leptospurmum and Kelly doll Betsy World are playing, but the prize is only the checkers set.

For 18" doll scale, like American Girl etc., there is this party dress. I don't know the maker.It's being modelled by American Girl Samantha, but the prize is only the dress.

The third prize choice, for fashion dolls, 1/6 scale, Pullip, etc. is this cozy fleece blanket. It measures approximately 9 and 1/2" wide, and just over 12" long, (so it can be tucked in at the foot of the bed.) Fashionista Ken, a J Doll, and Barbie's 'friend' Raquelle are showing it to you so you can see the scale. Once again, the blanket is the only prize choice in this size. The dolls are not included.


To enter:

 You must first choose which prize you want to try for.

Next, if you are not already a follower who shows up on my side bar, you must become one. YOU MUST SHOW UP ON MY SIDEBAR TO BE ELIGIBLE. If you are following invisibly it will not count.

Finally, leave a comment on this post, with your name, the name you're following as,your email address,(I won't publish that.)and the prize you want to win.

All names will be put into a hat (so to speak. I may not actually use a hat...)and one week from today the winner will be drawn at random. (Well, at my house...) I won't draw the winner until evening my time zone, so you can still enter early on next Monday(May 26th, 2014.). I will announce the winner Tuesday, May 27th, 2014.
  I have to thank Ken, the money maker, for sponsoring this giveaway, since he's going to have to ship the prize out.
  That's it for the giveaway.Good luck! And don't forget to check out my regular Doll-A-Day post today too.


  1. Okay, I'll throw my hat in! Thank you for your generosity! I'm primarily a 1:6 scale collector myself, so I'd like to add my name to the draw for the...........checkers game. I've only just started to read your blog, and I'm enjoying it immensely. And you're right - it's great to find others who enjoy this hobby. Thanks again!

    1. Yay! Our first entrant for the competition! Thanks for entering London Peony, and good luck! (If it keeps up like this you're a shoo in!)


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