Thursday, May 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 142: Dolly Darling Wanna Be

  Today I'm showing you another of my childhood dolls.

This little doll is obviously a rip off of the Dolly Darling doll, made by Hasbro in the 60's.
Particularly this one, Cathy. Not my picture, and I'll be glad to remove it if I'm asked.There's one with rooted hair too, with the same dress. But with molded hair, mine is much more like this one.

 She's about four and a half inches tall. Her bodice is velveteen.

 This doll is marked Miss Merry Hong Kong.

 Her vinyl and her painting aren't as good as the Hasbro dolls. In fact, her hair colour has crept into her face somewhat. BUT she has one up on the Hasbro dolls:

She has removeable shoes! They aren't just painted on like the Dolly Darling's shoes.
Even more amazing, I still have these shoes after all these years!

My sister and I both had one of these exact same dolls, only she bought one with a paint mistake: she had a dot of black paint next to her eye that looked like a beauty mark. I'm sure that's why she appealed to my sister!

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