Monday, May 12, 2014

Doll-A-Day 132:A Doll of My Own Making: Inch High Lady

  Well the followers are just rolling in now! One a day or so ago, and another one today. My head is spinning. Thanks to our new follower, London Peony.She's obviously a woman of good taste: not only is she following Planet of the Dolls, but her profile (on her own blogs, which you can check out.), lists some of her favourite things as The Beatles, Kate Bush,and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. Ken accused me of following myself!(If you read this blog you'll know I love The Beatles. Kate Bush has been a favourite since the first time I heard her music, on Saturday Night Live in 1978. I spent the next 10+ years trying to have Kate Bush hair! I passed my love of both of these on to Emma, as well as The Hitchhiker's books.I also passed along to her one of my autographed Hitchhiker's books. Now that's a loving mother!)
  You might notice that the look of the blog has been cleaned  up a bit. Hopefully it will make viewing easier and more of a pleasure, as well as making the blog easier to travel around within. It will continue to get better as I recategorize  all the posts and put things of the same theme under one heading and lessen the messy list along the side. I have to thank Emma for helping me, and working on it with me last night. I wouldn't have known what I was doing without her help. In fact, she actually did almost all  the work.
  Busy day today, so here's a little doll of my own making.

 She's just a little over an inch tall.

She has all cloth clothing, including lace bloomers and a lace petticoat.

Her head is wooden, and she has a wire armature body, so she's slightly poseable, although too small to allow for much.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully have a chance to show you some cool finds from today.

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