Thursday, May 15, 2014

Doll-A-Day 135: Puffy Ami Yumi 'Yumi'

  Today's doll is Yumi, from Puffy Ami Yumi, a Japanese pop duo.

 I first saw these dolls several years ago when they were sold at Meijer stores.I know little or nothing about Puffy Ami Yumi except what I Googled. Apparently the duo is called just 'Puffy' in Japan, but has to use the name in conjunction with Ami Yumi, (the names of the ladies themselves), in North America to avoid infringing on Sean 'Puffy' Combs copyright. He needs to be more generous since he hogs so many names.(Puffy, Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Pop Doozy,Pee Fizzy...Ok. A couple of those names he hasn't used...yet.)
She's a really pretty doll, but she doesn't look anything like the real Yumi.In fact, she barely even looks Asian.

Yumi on the left,and Ami on the right.

They were also the subject of their own cartoon series, which was shown on Cartoon Network from 2004 to 2006. I think this is the World Tour singing Yumi doll. She can only sing if you also have Ami and touch the metal contacts on their hands together.
Ami has a corresponding hand.

She would make a good traffic cop.

I only have Yumi, since I'm cheap and I got her at a thrift store, where she was by herself.She's wearing her original outfit except her hat. The headband is apparently not hers. She must have picked that up before I found her.
That mesh shirt seems to have nothing under it, since you can see the speaker holes. That's a bit, uhhh, inappropriate.

The skull logo is from the cartoon character. Her name is starting to peel off.

She also came with a guitar, but with the weird way her arms move, and their limited poseability, there's no way she could hold a guitar.Her right arm is straight and when it's out to the side the hand is at a weird angle.

 The left arm is bent, and it moves at a weird angle too.

Her knees are jointed, so she can bend those quite well.
But see what I mean about those arms?

She looks like she'd make a good skateboarder though.

But she has a bit of trouble sitting, in spite of how good this looks.

She's fairly small. To give you an idea of her size, here she is with Life in the Dreamhouse Raquelle, and a Jun Planning J Doll.
Raquelle smirks about how much more poseable she is than Yumi. J Doll Magnificent Mile looks pretty good in that Barbie dress.If only I could find matching shoes that would fit her!
See you again tomorrow.

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