Thursday, May 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 143: Baby in a Basket

I know nothing about this little kid except that he/she is marked Hong Kong.

I got it in some thrift store stuff recently.(At least, I think that's where I got it.)

It's only a couple of inches long, or slightly more, with rooted hair and a rubbery head and body.
The top lifts off the basket.
Cute little kid.
Tomorrow is another Skipper Saturday.


  1. I think it is somehow related to the Rosebud doll. The mouth, the size, you know. Mattel inspired the doll maker, which was probably in Hong Kong.

    1. I'm not sure which Rosebud doll you mean. If you mean the Mattel Rosebud baby that was made from the ,olds of the Barbie and Heart Family baby, this doll is much smaller, although she does have a similar look.

  2. Yes, I meant this baby. I did not know yours is smaller, it looked to me the same size, but I think because the face resembles me so on that Mattel-baby. It is sweet, I would love it :) (My Mother hated my love for 'cheap' dolls, she always said she bought me good dolls, and what on earth did spoil my taste? :D I do not see my taste is 'spoiled', these copycats have such a charme!)

    1. Yes, this baby is only a couple of inches long, about half the size of the Rosebud or Teacher Barbie babies.


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