Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doll-A-Day 140: An unusual couple of things, and Part 3 of My Cousins' Toys

   Well, it hasn't been 24 hours yet, but at this point there have been no takers on the competition. Remember,you can enter until, we'll say 6:00, Monday evening Eastern Standard time, May 27th. For details of the prizes and how to enter, see yesterday's post on the Blogiversary, (Not the doll-a-day post.)
   I really shouldn't call this part 3 of How I Coveted My Cousins Toys, since this is more about toys that were gifts from my cousins. I didn't necessarily want them before they were given.
  Today I'm showing you some gifts from a third set of cousins. These we didn't see nearly as often as the other two sets I already told you about. These were my Dad's oldest brother's children, and they were much older than we were. At least, most of them were. The two youngest kids were older than my sister,and so, much older than I was. But apparently, as evidenced by this picture, my sister did play with them.

That's my sister on the left, and my cousin 'Sis' on the right. That's Sis's brother Bruce in the background,up to his shoulder in enjoyment of the Trix cereal.
  I remember Sis gifting me with a pair of Ricky doll jeans. We had no doll that properly fit them, but my Tutti sized Buffy doll came close enough if I rolled up the legs. She wore them, along with a crocheted old fashioned dress Sis also gave me. I have passed both on to Emma, who used the jeans for her favourite doll, Emma the Doll, and the dress for Emma's best friend Susan. They have made them their own now.
  It was my sister who coveted Sis's toys. A couple of years ago my sister admitted that the Barbie bra and undies we had as kids were stolen from Sis. Sis gave me the jeans and dress, but I guess she wasn't letting go of the Barbie underwear! (Not willingly, anyway.)
  Sis also gave me a headless doll-purse...purse-doll. We gave it the head of my sister's Polly doll. She hated Polly anyway, because Polly was so ugly, so I guess she didn't mind giving up the head.

I've seen these purses elsewhere, and they usually have heads like this little doll.We'll see more of her tomorrow.

  One of the two, probably Bruce, gave me this glow in the dark plastic lion.

  He's always been one of my favourite toys. In fact. he still stands on the vanity in my bedroom. And why am I 52 years old and still have a plastic lion standing on my vanity? He GLOWS IN THE DARK! Duh! He glows a really cool blue colour. No other glow in the dark stuff I have glows in his colour.(And yes, I have several things.And yes, I have checked, and he glows the wrong colour to be radium.) I think he was actually a Christmas ornament, because he used to have a loop on his back for hanging him from something. I just checked, and there is actually one on Ebay right now, and they're calling it a Christmas ornament.

  Bruce also gave me some really cool 'engine people' from some model cars he had. I still have those too, even if they do have some broken bits.
  That's it for 'cousins who gave me stuff'.(Maybe that's what I should have called these posts. It doesn't have the same ring though, does it?) And then, there's always the opposite: 'Cousins who snatched my stuff', but there's only one cousin who qualifies for that one. I've already ratted on her to you. (My Susie Slicker!) Of course, maybe my cousin Sis would like to write about that one!
UPDATE:See parts ONE and TWO with these links.
  Tomorrow we'll see if anyone has entered the competition.

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