Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Doll-A-Day 134: Rapunzel in Barbie's Raincoat

  Sometimes May Showers too! The rain that it's been looking like we were going to have for the last week has finally come all in one day. It's a good excuse to show you this cute Barbie raincoat and umbrella. Rapunzel, who joined us only Monday, kindly volunteered to model it for us. (Not least of all because she was naked without it...)
"Is it raining?"

"Better take an umbrella."

I'm not sure which edition of Rapunzel she is. She's more recent, because she doesn't have freckles, and doesn't have such a big head and big eyes.

 She's a little smaller than a Barbie, but the coat fits her pretty well.

I seem to be amassing Rapunzels. It has to stop. I'm getting too many. But they're all so cute...

"I think the rain is stopping."

 She borrowed the boots from vintage Skipper.

As you can see, the lilacs are dropping and nearly finished. They aren't around nearly long enough!

Rapunzel takes a nice stroll through the lilacs on the wet sidewalk.

"I think it's starting to rain again".

"I don't care..."
This edition of Rapunzel looks alot less like the movie version and a lot more like a standard 'pretty girl'. I actually prefer the freckles big eyed version, even though this one is so pretty.

"I love the rain!"

  That's the doll today. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Rapunzel singing in the rain: "I've got the rain in my hair"


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