Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Doll-A-Day 309:Knee Hugger Santa

  Today's doll is this Knee Hugger Santa.

The  reason he's called a 'knee hugger' is pretty  obvious.

He's about 6" tall when his legs are stretched out.

His beard needs a little reattaching.
That's one killer forehead wrinkle!
 Or I could just remove it,because he has a  molded beard underneath.
  These knee huggers,which were more often elves than Santas, were very popular when I was a kid in the 60's. These days The Elf on the Shelf has brought them back for a new generation of kids.Oh, and for me too! I  still ooh and ahh over Christmas elves. Target has some really cool clothes for The Elf this year. I want the sweater and the aviator jacket and goggles!
  Tomorrow is another doll.


  1. This guy also has a secret life as...STRANGLING SANTA!!!

    1. I'm confused Em. Do you mean he's actually strangling, or that he's strangling someone else? Eww. That's scary. He looks a little strangled in that close-up I guess, but I'm more concerned with that massive gash in his forehead.


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