Monday, December 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 335: Two Dolls of My Own Making:Mimi and Maisie

  Today we welcome our newest follower Ms. Leo of I-Luv-Dolls. I have read Ms. Leo's blog many times. It may in fact have been Ms. Leo's blog where I read that Walmart had those awesome 1/6 scale trash cans. Thanks for joining us Ms. Leo!
  Today's doll is two again.They are two little dolls that I made myself. With only three more daily doll posts I wanted to finish up with some dolls that I made.These two are sisters named Maisie and Mimi.

They're sisters, obviously.One of my favourite things about them is their teeth!
You can see how tiny they are. That is a real quarter.
Mimi is the older, taller sister.

Her footie pajamas have a 'trap door' with painted 'buttons' in the back.
 Mimi's hair has tiny braids. They took a bit of patience and some glasses!

It's a bad picture, but I thought her gentle eyes came out quite well.

Maisie is the younger, smaller sister. She has her teddy bear with her.

Like all the dolls I have made of this type, Mimi and Maisie have little thumbs. Their bodies are felt covered wire and their heads are wooden beads.

He is a separate doll and can be taken out of her arms.

I have shown Mama and Papa Doll in two previous Doll-A-Day posts. They are the parents of these two little girls.

I had Mama and both girls for sale, and they were all bought by the same lady. She then requested Papa to go with them. Papa was just about my favourite doll I've ever made, and I so wish I had been able to keep him.If he hadn't been a special order for the lady who had already bought the other dolls and was waiting for him to be made so they could all be sent, I would have made another 'Papa' and kept this guy! Mimi and Maisie,(Especially Maisie! Shhh!) are two of my other favourites that I was very sorry to see go. You can see other dolls I made that I have sold Here. It's a web page that Ken never got around to really getting going for me. The pictures are there though.
  My son Fuzzy is very talented and could make loads of things that would sell. But he says he doesn't like to sell things he has made. (Although he gives them away. He's made several things for me.) I understand what he means. When you make something, it's sort of like your 'child': you want to keep it and make sure it's treated right! Also, when you make something,you make it to your own specifications as to what's 'good'. So, if it turns out well, obviously you're going to think it's wonderful and want to keep it! (Although, alot of time things don't turn out the way you want them to.)
  See you tomorrow for another doll of my own making.

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