Saturday, December 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 319: Skipper Saturday: Blonde Straight Leg Skipper

  Well! We finally got our tree today. I hate leaving it so late. Seems I get worse every year!
  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this blonde straight leg Skipper.

She's not the same one as last week,although she is also wearing Silk 'n Fancy.

She's not only wearing Silk 'n Fancy, but also Dress Coat, from 1964-65.
She has a nice powdery complexion, but her eyebrows are a bit dark and she has a scuff on one of them.

The two fashions were obviously meant to coordinate.
And are naturals for Christmas.

They also coordinate with Barbie's Silken Flame, (the dress), and Red Flare, (the coat).

Barbie's is called Silken Flame. They sure seem more like satin to me.Is there something about these fabrics I don't know? (Probably plenty!)

Dress Coat came with a matching hat, which never stays on, and a matching purse.It also came with white gloves, anklets, and shoes. What about that old rule about not wearing white shoes after Labor Day?
I've given her red shoes, which look more Christmassy anyway.
The white satin lining in Dress Coat matches the white satin skirt on Silk 'n Fancy.

It was a lot warmer today than it has been for a while. Last night it was very foggy when I went out late to pick Ken up from work. That should have been a sign that some warm air was heading in. While that made tree shopping more comfortable than most year's, it made it seem less Christmas-like.

She looks warm and cozy though.
I shouldn't grumble. I find that the cold tends to make me tense up and actually hurt now that I'm getting old.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. She is beautiful. This outfit is very festive:) I really love this tiny Christmas tree:)

    1. I imagine most people are getting tired of seeing this Christmas setting, but I have been waiting all year to use it! I got it last summer at an estate sale where they had lots of Byers Carolers and Byers accessories, so it might be Byers. It doesn't say that on it though. It's not 1/6 scale. It's slightly smaller, so it works for Skipper.


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