Saturday, December 6, 2014

Doll-A-Day 312: Skipper Saturday: Blonde Straight Leg Skipper

  This week's Skipper Saturday doll is one that embodies what I always think of as the Skipper doll, the Skipper you think of as the original Skipper: a blonde straight leg Skipper.

When I was a kid I didn't have a Skipper, or even know anybody who did. We lived out in the country, and until I started school I barely knew any other kids besides my cousins, (Who didn't seem to own any Barbie dolls.) When I went to school I saw quite a few P.J. dolls on the bus and around school when P.J. became popular, but no Skippers. I didn't know Skipper came in any other hair colour than blonde.

So that's the way I've always though of her.

This Skipper has very nice hair, but she does have a lip rub that I might fix some day.

She's wearing Silk 'n Fancy, from 1964.(During Clone Week recently I showed you a clone copy of Silk 'n Fancy.)
For some reason the right shoulder won't stay pulled up far enough. This is not typical.
Silk 'n Fancy consists of the dress,white anklets, gold elastic head band,and black flats.

 I have dressed my Skipper in red flats, but to make up for it, I've given her an extra item: white gloves.

As was the fashion back when this Skipper was new, she is doing the ladylike thing of wearing one glove and carrying one.Does anybody else remember that rule? (Not that I ever wore gloves, other than the winter kind that is.)
  Silk'n Fancy has a built in slip, with lace edging. The most common version has red in the lace, but there is a white only version too.

This is the common version.

The name 'Silk 'n Fancy is not very accurate, as the dress is velvet and satin, not silk.

See you tomorrow with another doll, and a look at some recent finds  for those who like to do dioramas or displays with their dolls.


  1. This is a lovely outfit, I like the gloves you added. This Skipper's hair is perfect too, very nice!

    1. Thanks.She has some of the best hair of any of my Skippers.


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