Monday, December 8, 2014

Doll-A-Day 314: German Incense Smoker Santa and Fresh Tomatoes in December!

  Ok, technically he's not a doll. He's figural though, and he's pretty cool. He's a German incense smoker in the form of Santa Claus.

I got him in the mail today, as a gift from a friend in Germany.

He's made of wood.

 His lower half holds an incense cone.

But when it burns the smoke comes out of his mouth!

It would be cool if it came out of his pipe, but that's kind of small for the smoke to get through. When it comes out of his mouth it almost looks like it's coming out of his pipe.
  Ivy and I were pretty excited by Birgit's package. We immediately partook of the German goodies, which included cookies and chocolates.MMMM... And then of course we had to set this guy on fire...Well, not him, obviously. He was working really well, but then his incense went out. I told Ivy she blew it out too soon.
  I have to share this picture too.
This was actually taken today. December in Ohio, and I have ripe tomatoes on the plant I brought inside when cold weather started in September! They look delicious! Fresh vine ripened tomatoes in December!As you can see, the leaves are dying, but the tomatoes live on. I also ate a couple of tomatoes on Friday that I picked when they were green, back in September, when I brought the other plant in. They'd been laying in an aluminum pan, slowly ripening ever since.I actually had two pans of green tomatoes, but the ones I ate on Friday were the last ones. The race was on to see if they would ripen before they went bad, but they didn't start to go bad until they fully ripened. And then I had only had one that got a bit soft before it got fully ripe. The rest were delicious though!

  See you tomorrow for another winter doll.


  1. I just discovered your blog and I'm sooo amazed by the lots of dolls you have! It's awesome! The santa smoker is really funny, we have one at home, but I think I've never seen him smoking^^.
    Many Greetings from Germany,

    1. Thanks Kyra. My family is pretty amazed by the number of dolls I have too, but thy don't find it so awesome! Thanks for joining us!


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