Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doll-A-Day 315:Coca-Cola Santa

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 Today's December doll is actually Ken's. He's from Ken's Coke collection. He's Coca-Cola Santa.

This Santa was made by Mattel in 1999.

A closer look at his box front, the illustration the doll was based on.Hey, where's his stool?
His box tells the whole story.

He stands approximately 12" tall.

I'm not sure about that creepy mouth!
And that mustache comes off more as a disguise, as if it really would 'come off'!

He has his glass of Coke. I always think of Santa more as your cocoa type of guy. Coke doesn't go very well with all those cookies he gets left for him.
 The kids and I always wanted to open him and play with the toys in the sack, but Ken would never let us.
The same little doll came with some Kelly sets, only painted differently.
Tomorrow we'll see another wintry doll.


  1. Thank you for your warm welcome! :) The Santa Ken looks really awesome! Love the beard!

    1. You're welcome.Yes, I think they managed the beard a bit better than the mustache!


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