Friday, December 26, 2014

Doll-A-Day 332: Mooshka

  I hope everyone had a great holiday. We did abbreviated cooking this year and brought in Olive Garden instead. It worked well, for the kids, who don't like what they call 'Thanksgiving and Christmas food', and for me, since I didn't have to be away from everybody cooking all day. I wish we had done it when the kids were little. Ken, of course, still spent a good deal of time cooking. But not as much as usual, and anyway, that's his choice. He loves food.
  One of the gifts I got yesterday was this little Mooshka doll.

In her package.
Ken got her for me.I had been wanting one for a long time.

In the inner packaging...
She's just about 4" tall, and looks like a wooden doll, even though she's made of plastic.

And she's out! Her hair kind of looks like a turban, doesn't it?

She has moveable arms and legs,so she can sit down or raise her arms.

Mine has some paint loss on her sleeve.

She came with a little pink bunny. He has speckles in his plastic.


Aren't they cute?

I have a stuffed Mooshka too. I like them both.
Tomorrow we'll see another Christmas present I got yesterday.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Your new doll is lovely.


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