Sunday, December 7, 2014

Doll-A-Day 313:Cindy Lou Who Plus Some Great 1/6 Scale Finds

  Today's doll is Cindy Lou Who.

There were several Cindy Lou Who dolls of various sizes and types produced around the release of the How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie in 2000.

Some of the dolls were made to look like the illustrations of Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss's book. Ivy has one of those.This doll was made to look like Cindy Lou Who as she was played in the movie by Taylor Momsen.

She looked like this...

...and now she looks like this.Whaaa???!!
This girl is the 14" version, or 16 1/2" if you include the hair.
That's one mountainous hairdo.

She's wearing her original outfit, minus the missing red cape and pink mittens...and that bottom button.(I got her second hand, obviously, so I took what was available.) She also originally came with a couple of extra hair pieces. Maybe some day I'll upgrade her.

She has the usual 5 points of articulation.

While I thought the doll, and even the kid in the movie, were cute, I have no desire to ever see the movie. I love the book, and the TV special, with that wonderful narration by Boris Karloff. I don't want to see it Jim Carrey-ised. (And to be fair, I have seen clips from the movie, and I didn't like what I saw.)
  On the other subject for today, I have found some really good 1/6 scale accessory items recently.They aren't things that were originally meant  to be 1/6 scale doll items, but they work beautifully for it. For a start, there are the great Craftsman Christmas ornaments sold by Sears, and on the Craftsman website. You can see them all HERE. I don't know what the resin ones are like, but the pewter hammer is amazing. It even has the foam covering on the handle, just like the real ones. It makes it slightly bulky for 1/6 scale, but it would still look fine in the hands of some of the Power Team guys, and that sort of doll, with the larger hands. The clump of wrenches looks great, but they are all one clump. They'd look good laying on a tool bench in a garage or work room scene. Our Sears didn't have the single wrench, so I can't say what scale it's in, and the website doesn't tell what size it is.You'll have to check that out if it interests you.
  Next are some more of those great 1/6 scale trash cans, which are actually pencil cups.You may have seen the post I did where Tammy World and her dad Wally showed you the ones Walmart had around Back to School. Those were available very briefly and disappeared.Well a few weeks ago I found the same ones, in a few different colours, at CVS Pharmacy.
Show them Raquelle. "You honestly think I'm going to touch trash cans?"

 They cost $1.50, more than 50 cents more than the same cans were at Walmart.

"Although, this one is purple! Look how cute!"

Then Friday the girls and I went to Dollar Tree and I found these!
If you look for them, they're in the wire racks at the registers, not on the shelves in the aisles.

 I had seen someone in Australia selling these online, but they were expensive and the shipping was a killer.
Yesterday we went shopping in Columbus and I found blue ones too.

They also had pink, but who has pink trash cans? (When I said that in the store Emma said, "Barbie?")
  They are slightly shorter than the Walmat and CVS cans, with less realistic wheels.

Left to right: Walmart, CVS, and Dollar Tree.The first two are the perfect height for 11 1/2" to 12" dolls to 'push', so you can see how the Dollar Tree ones are a little short. They'll still work and look great in dioramas. If they're being used for play, the bigger ones seem to have sturdier lids and wheels.

The wheels also don't roll as well, since they are thin and flat and have no tread. The others do.

But don't they look great?! Emma said when she lived in San Fransisco the cans were one colour for trash and one for recycling.You could have that sort of look in your doll neighborhood.

  Before I move along I also wanted to say that the handles don't look quite as realistic, or sized for doll hands as much as the other either.
  Next we have another great find from Dollar Tree.

These great 1/6 scale goose neck desk lamps come in three colours, are adjustable, and really light up!

Here's the black one with 8" Stacie-sized Tammy World, and an 11"  Jun Planning J Doll.

 The girls actually found these while I was talking to someone.
These were taken without flash, with only the light from the lamp.

Adjusted to point at the table so you can see how much light it puts out.

"Ok! I confess! I ate the chocolate Santas!
Lastly, Russell Stover are doing their great Iddy Biddy Santas again this year. I wish they had done these when the kids were little! Their dolls would definately have gotten these tiny detailed chocolate Santas in their stockings! They also do the tiny chocolate bunnies at Easter.
Sorry I can't show you the actual Santas, but we ate them! Check them out in last year's post. 
 Not only are they the right size and look great, but they are delicious!
See you tomorrow for another December doll.

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