Monday, December 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 334: Ever After High Madeline Hatter

  I had promised another of my Christmas presents for yesterday, but I had forgotten yesterday was Saturday. So, I'm fulfilling that promise today. Today's doll is Madeline Hatter from Ever After High.

This is the first Madeline Hatter. There have been at least 2 or 3 others since, but this is the one I wanted.
Since she's the Mad Hatter's daughter she has a tea party theme. Note the hat.

I love her polka dot stockings and her shoes that look like tea pots.

Unfortunately mine has some problem with her neck. It's way too loose and seems to be broken.
She also comes with a tea pot.

Her head isn't posing like it should.

This is the first Ever After High doll I have gotten. I like a few others, but this is the one I wanted if I was only going to have one. I might buy more if I find them at yard sales or thrift stores.
It would have been nice if her gloves could have been real gloves, and not just her hands being blue and polka dotted. The cuff is molded too. I haven't tried seeing if the cuff is removeable so she can be dressed more easily. I was in a bit of a hurry as we were on our way to Emma's for dinner and game night.
I collect 'Alice' things anyway, so Madeline Hatter, the daughter of the Mad Hatter, counts. Right?
  Only three more days of Doll-A-Day! What will they be? (Of course, it's not that big a deal. I'll still be posting alot.Just not every day.)


  1. Good Morning Tam, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! How wonderful that you got a Madeline Hatter doll. I have been keeping my eyes open for a good deal here, but no luck yet. Madeline's hands are removable, so you can then get the cuffs off. There seem to be only two of these dolls that have "normal" hands (i.e., in skintone colour): the Getting Fairest Madeline and the Mirror Beach Madeline. I finally got myself a Getting Fairest doll (on sale and an additional $5 off coupon) so that I could switch hands from time to time. With the madness of Christmas now over, there's time to enjoy the dolls! All the best!

    1. Thanks! Happy holidays to you too! I'm glad to hear about the removeable cuffs,and hands! Good thinking on the extra doll for the hands. Hopefully I'll end up with another Ever After High character with the same skin tone so I can switch hands too.


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