Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 316: My Twinn Ariel

  Today's doll is this My Twinn.

This is where Emma says, "Hey! That's my doll!" And yes, she is. Emma was going to sell her, but she has a dislocated neck. She brought her over to see if I could fix her.

I don't see how she can be fixed without some industrial strength glue for her neck attachment. She's still poseable and cute though, and looks very cozy in her cold weather outfit. 

Original My Twinn dolls are 23" tall. My Twinn now makes 18" dolls with body construction like American Girls.
As with all My Twinn dolls, her arms seem a bit too long.

I always have trouble making out which face mold My Twinn dolls have.I think this is the Ariel face mold though.If anybody knows for sure, I'd love to know.

Her outfit is one that My Twinn dolls came in several years ago.
Her sweater hoodie partially buttons up the back to make it easier to get over her head.

It was actually snowing today, You can see it on the ground, and in some of the pictures you'll notice she has what looks like dandruff in her hair. It's snow.
 I love her shoes.
Looks like she's done a lot of playing in these shoes!

Underneath she's wearing a soft cotton camisole top and matching undies.
Are you kidding?! It's cold out here!
My Twinn dolls are quite poseable. They have a very bendy armature, but can't bend at places you'd expect them to, like the elbows. (The vinyl part of the arms goes up past the elbow area.)

I don't think it's supposed to be, but the picture on her hoodie looks sort of snow flakey to me.

Her hair looks dark, but actually contains several colours, including red. It looks quite realistic.

The hair is very soft and smooth.

She has applied eye lashes.

Tomorrow's another doll


  1. That's Ariel, alright! My favorite mold!

    1. Thanks! I have a terrible time identifying those molds!


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