Thursday, December 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 317: Mia by Ideal

  Today's doll is all ready for Christmas in her bright red dress. She's Mia.
Mia is 15" tall.
She was made by Ideal in 1970.
 Mia was part of the Crissy family of grow hair dolls.
She has the long hunk of hair that 'grows' when it's pulled while pressing a button on her belly. It retracts when a knob in her back is wound.

She also has dark blue sleep eyes, and a cute toothy grin.

Her original outfit was a cute light blue romper with a dark blue velvet bow at the neck, and a pair of light blue shoes.

 I bought this Mia at Salvation Army last December when Goodwill and Salvation Army both had over 50 Crissy family dolls all at the same time.You can check out the post I did of it HERE and see the amazing group on the shelves at Goodwill. You can see the post where I bought Mia and her twin at Salvation Army for $1.50 each HERE.

 I remember so many kids bringing Crissy and Velvet dolls to school when I was little. They were all the rage for a while. It never occurred to me at the time that I could own one myself. I'm not sure I even coveted them. I know I didn't know of Mia until I was grown.

As it turns out, she and Cinnamon are my favourites of the whole group.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. She really looks cute with her grin. Love the effect of the "growing" hair!

    1. She and Cinnamon both have the open mouths with teeth. Love dolls with teeth and mouths that are actually three dimensional and not just painted on.


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