Sunday, April 6, 2014

Doll-A-Day 96: Susie Slicker

   The other day I told you about finding a replica of my stolen childhood Susie Slicker at Salvation Army. She fits right in with the theme I had planned for this month; April Showers. So here she is.

With only one boot, poor Susie has to be careful not to get her tights dirty. Too late!

She is wearing her original raincoat, tights, and one boot.She's missing her purple rain hat.

Susie Slicker also came with an umbrella.I remember mine was mint green plastic with a white plastic handle.The umbrella didn't actually  open.

The lilac buds are finally budding.Susie's coat is so stiff these days she can't raise her arms to touch them.
I still have my Susie's hat and coat,but she must have been wearing her tights and boots when she disappeared. I'm not sure I remember her actually having tights. Replacement purple Susie isn't wearing any, and I got her in her original box, so maybe they didn't all come in tights.

On the other hand, replacement girl doesn't have her umbrella either.(She does have her hat, but it's AWOL at the moment.)
Replacement Susie.
Susie Slicker was made in the 60's. Various companies put out Susie Slicker and Susie Sad Eyes, (the non-raincoat wearing version.), type dolls of varying quality. The look was based on paintings by Margaret Keane.

Susie Slicker in her original box. This one appears to be like my Susie. Replacement Susie came in a coloured hard plastic box with cut out flower shapes.

With auction Susie.Notice the big dark rings under auction Susie's eyes. I remember my original Susie didn't have those.I'm not sureif mine had the thinner bangs like new girl though. It was a loooong time ago!They both have the stiffer plastic raincoat though.

No one is immune to the dreaded One Hair.

As I said yesterday, we saw replacement Susie on line, and since she was wearing the purple raincoat and hat I assumed she was the same as my Susie. She has a softer vinyl rain coat and hat, and she's got a very red complexion. I remembered my Susie as being a much better quality doll.She was made of a better quality plastic,with nicer hair,and her raincoat and hat are a much stiffer, heavier, shinier vinyl. Some of that could have been idealized childhood memories, but I do have the hat and coat as proof it wasn't just that! Besides, this doll fits all those other memories, so maybe I was right.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Oh! I found one of these with black hair and an orange raincoat... Thank you for the post, I finally know who she is!

  2. Lucky you! To see 'your' doll in her original box, and more Susie Slicker dolls, see my Doll-A-Day posts 37 and 38. And thanks for dropping by!


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