Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doll-A-Day 36: Chadwick Miller Sad Eyes Doll

No, she's not Susie Sad Eyes.

She's a doll I bought as a kid to replace my Susie Slicker doll.Her box just calls her 'Sad Eyes Doll'. Can't deny that.

She looks  a lot happier on the box.

 She was made for Chadwick Miller in Hong Kong. But made by who?

She's wearing her original dress, tights, and shoes, and as you can see,I have her box. For years I kept doll shoes and combs and stuff in it.I'm sure I kept it because of the pictures though. I've always been like that.

She's about the same size as Penny Brite, about 8 inches tall.
She looks so left out. In truth, she and my Penelope, (on the left.) hung out a lot. (I think they were both adopted kids of the Brennan's: see doll-a-day post # 20, from January 20th.) My sister's Penny, (on the right), was a bit of a snob.

If you've been following Big Eye week here at Planet of the Dolls, you'll remember I said in my Little Miss No Name post that my cousin stole my Susie Slicker.So, I bought this doll to replace her, but I never loved her as much as Susie. For one thing, she was a poorer quality doll...

Hers are the hands on the left. You can see how badly molded they are. The hands on the right belong to tomorrow's doll,a Susie Slicker Ken bought for me to replace my Susie.
...and didn't have the warm glow Susie had. Her hair was a cheaper fiber too.But she was a big eye doll, which I loved.

Susie came wearing a purple plastic rain coat and hat, boots, and she 'carried' a mint green umbrella with a white handle. We had gone to my grama's for the only time that wasn't for a summer vacation. It was Easter, and we went because my uncle drove us when he came up from Florida.(Grama and Grampa lived in Kentucky.) I don't remember much about the visit, but I do remember  this: there were lots of other relatives there. My sister went down early one morning to find that baby cousin Pernell had left his calling card on the couch, (which my sister referred to as "a Pernell poop".). And that I had taken Little Miss No Name and Susie with me, and after leaving Susie on top of my suitcase in preparation for leaving, I returned to the room to find her GONE!

My cousin just had a stupid talking pillow. No wonder she needed Susie.
I immediately suspected my cousin, who had been a pain in the butt the whole time we had been there. (For the record, I only saw this cousin half a dozen times in my life, and as she got older she did improve.) She denied everything, and Susie was never found. I still have Susie's coat and hat though, as a sad reminder.
  I always say I started collecting various dolls I remember other kids having when I was a kid because at one point I decided I wanted some of those "other kids' dolls". Maybe that's what my cousin was thinking back then. 
  Tomorrow we'll have a look at the doll Ken bought for me, to replace Susie.


  1. Hello!

    Would you ever consider selling your sad eye doll in the red dress? I understand completely if you are attached to her, just wanted to know because I've been looking for one!

    Beautiful collection and I'll check back here for a response!

    1. Thanks very much for the compliment and the offer, but I could never sell her. I'm very emotionally attached to my childhood toys!


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