Thursday, October 9, 2014

Doll-A-Day 258: Mooshka Ina

  Today's doll is Ina.

She's a Mooshka, by Zapf.
I didn't know the Mooshkas are made of a velvety type fabric. Maybe they all aren't, but Ina is. She had collected a lot of lint because of it, which I had to clean off. It made her look dirty, but it was just lint. She'll do well with a toss in the wash anyway.

I have wanted a Mooshka since they first came out, but I'm cheap. (Read: Poor.) So, I haven't bought one until today, when I found this one at Goodwill for 49 cents. I love the colours used on the dolls. They're soft, but bright. Almost 'good enough to eat' type colours.
 She's around 13" tall. I got the cute little garden bench at Goodwill too, a couple of weeks ago.

I like her, and she'll do, since I don't have any other one. But what I really want is a red haired one, Myra I think her name is...and one of those tiny plastic ones.

They are supposed to look homemade I think. They have a very Russian look to them, and the name 'Mooshka sounds vaguely Russian.Also,she originally came with a Russian nesting doll finger puppet, but doesn't have it. She does have her purse/satchel though.
In truth, I think I've loved every Mooshka doll I've seen. So far, 'I never met a Mooshka I didn't like', but, to paraphrase the crying kitten lady on the internet, "I can't have (hug) every Mooshka!"

 Apparently Ina's an artist.

She has paint brushes 'in' her pocket, and pencils drawing squiggles on her clothes.

The story behind Mooshkas is that they were paper dolls that held hands and came alive. This is a little confusing, as they have stitch marks printed on them, as if they are supposed to look sewn.
The dolls have velcro on their hands so they can hold on to each other.

Poor lonely Ina will just have to hold her own hand...for now...
She's watching for a friend...

That's all for today. Check in again tomorrow for another doll.

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