Thursday, January 12, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #11 Just a Guy From Turkey

  Today's doll is this guy.

  I know nothing about this guy except he's 11" tall and he was made in Turkey.
His clothes are sewn on.
Was he supposed to have a watch on that chain?
His boots are even part of his pants.

The only removable thing on him is his hat.

That reminds me: I didn't get tickets to see The Who for Christmas!  
He looks ok from the front...but from the top/back, he has the head that time (and the dollmaker) forgot.
   His head is on a ball joint, so he can tilt his head to the sides and up, but due to his big chin, he can't look down.

I found him at a thrift store years ago, and his hound dog sad face and goofy quality made me have to buy him.

Is he a play doll? What kid would want a doll that looks like this?

Maybe he's a souvenir doll from Turkey. Who knows?

   His legs don't bend, so he must stand up for eternity...

I just think he's interesting. I named him Uncle Volga. I have no idea why.

He seems to be the guy of a million 'I don't know's. 
  Join us tomorrow for another doll.

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