Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #9 Fashion Fever Teresa (Wave 2)

   Today's doll is Fashion Fever Teresa, from the second wave of Fashion Fever dolls.

She's been redressed. I think that's a My Scene Barbie jacket.
Teresa (Barbie's friend) doll has been one of my favourite sculpts since I first saw a beach Teresa doll in the early '90's.

  Although Teresa is Hispanic,this particular sculpt has gone on to be an every-woman,much like the popular Lea sculpt (Which I also love).

This doll is from the second wave of Fashion Fever dolls.

She originally came in a long maroon jacket, a shirt with a face on it,jeans, and a pink cap.

  The Fashion Fever dolls had some great outfits.

This particular doll has beautiful colouring.

 It's very natural,except maybe for that eye shadow!

Collector's seem to love the dolls, because they've gone on to be fairly expensive on the secondary market.

 Later Fashion Fever dolls seemed to have the same head sculpts as the previous ones, only in a larger size.

The big head Fashion Fever dolls are still nice,but the head was just big enough to look a little off. I prefer the more realistic head size.

This head sculpt has been used with just about every hair colour,and skin tone.She's always beautiful, whatever they do with her.

  Come back tomorrow for another doll,


  1. I love the Teresa sculpt as well. This one is very nice; her streaked hair makes her stand out.

    1. I could do without the streaks. I'm pretty boring!

  2. She is gorgeous. I have a Fashion Fever Teresa very similar to her.

    1. I have another Fashion Fever Teresa, from the big head years. She has short hair and very similar colouring. One of my favourites was always the Fashion Fever Teresa in the polka dot dress and sweater. My daughter Emma has that one.One of these days I'd like to get one of those.


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