Monday, January 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #23: Prince StrongHeart from Lady LovelyLocks

  Yesterday we looked at the Lady Lovely locks Maiden Golden Wave doll, and we had a  peek at Prince Strongheart. So I thought today we would take a better look at him.

He's a cute little guy.
Especially if you can ignore the big hairdo.

Prince StrongHeart was made by Mattel, and licensed by Those Characters from Cleveland, which is what his body is marked. He has the exact same body as the LLL girls,the same body that was later used (Without the Characters From Cleveland copyright.), for Mattel's Stacie and Todd dolls. Stacie and Todd were Barbie's brother and sister.
  The first time the body was used for the Barbie line was the Kelly and Todd dolls produced as flower girl and ring bearer for Midge's wedding.

This Kelly was slightly different from her later incarnation as Stacie. She seemed to use the same head sculpt as Todd. Stacie had her own.This was the only release of this Kelly. The name Kelly was later used for Barbie's baby sister. I think the last time this body was used was for the Jane and Michael Banks dolls from Mary Poppins, in 2007
But they both used the head sculpt from the original Stacie doll. (Not the one currently being used.)

The Prince uses the same body and head as the girls in the Lady Lovely Locks series.

But I'm willing to bet he's the only one with brown eyes.

He's 8 1/2" tall.

Yesterday I showed you how Maiden Golden Wave had Spotty Leg Syndrome. The Prince seems to have spotty arm syndrome. That's new one on me.(Or, rather, on him.) I've seen plenty of older Barbies with Spotty Leg,but he's the first doll I've seen with Spotty Arm!

He also came with a navy blue hat and cape and some boots.

He also came with the same hair clips, called 'Pixietails', that the girls came with, but his were meant to be clipped to his cape.
  This little guy's guest appearance is courtesy of my friend Connie.(Thanks Connie!) Connie is looking to rehome him, if anybody is interested.

  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I think these dolls are super cute, but I may be influenced by my love of the 80s. I would really love to get that Michael and Jane too, but the prices for them on eBay are ridiculously high.

    1. I love Michael and Jane, but the 80's dolls like this don't appeal to me. I prefer those Hobnobbins!


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