Saturday, January 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 28: Shrunken Saturday: Pebbles World Pebbles Doll by Mattel

  Today's doll is Pebbles,from Pebbles World by Mattel.

There were several of these Pebbles sets,which came out to coincide with the release of the Flintstones movie in 1994.

We have them all around here somewhere, because the sets were so cute I bought them all for Emma, over time.

The only problem was, you got another pebbles with each set,(Although they did all have different clothes!),but Bamm Bamm was only available in one larger Pebbles World playset.
The little brown thing above Dino's head is Bamm Bamm's hat.
So we ended up with 5 Pebbles, and only one Bamm Bamm. That's actually why I have a Pebbles,because Emma had so many that when she got older she unloaded one on me!
She has a cute little lopsided grin.

Pebbles is 4" tall,including her tall hair, but much skinnier than the similarly sized Kelly doll.

All of her outfits consisted of a sleeveless top that velcroed in the back, and a tiny elastic waisted skirt. The clothes were various shades of pink or purple, and one red and brown one.

Our poor Pebbles today is wearing a Happy Family Nikki dress.

And of course Pebbles is always barefoot, so she has no shoes.

  See you tomorrow for another doll.

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