Saturday, January 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #7 Shrunken Saturday: Cynthia DeHoff Raggedy Andy

  Anybody who remembers the previous year of Doll-A-Day will remember that Saturdays were Skipper Saturday. This year I've decided on Shrunken Saturday,where we will explore the world of tiny dolls.Along the way we'll see some vintage dollhouse dolls,tiny play dolls from the past and the present,and even some teensy dolls I've made myself.
  Today's doll is one I recently received in the mail. It's Raggedy Andy, a handmade doll by Cynthia DeHoff.

I've mentioned Cynthia and her dolls before. The last time was when I had just ordered Andy.

That was last year at the formerly big doll show in Columbus. Remember that Barb The Evil Genius?
Cynthia at her table at the doll show.
Cynthia is a very nice lady. We've been seeing her at the doll show for years, and Ivy and I have always wanted to order one of her dolls. It was just something that never got done. For one thing, we could never decide which one to order.

 I finally decided that I should go ahead and order a doll from Cynthia when the doll show lost it's venue and was cancelled a couple of times, and then finally happened at a tiny place. I figured the show was liable to never happen again and I would never get another chance for one of Cynthia's dolls.

 Of course, they can be ordered online,but I would much rather hand pick and have it instantly. It didn't happen that way because Cynthia was behind on orders (She's very popular and she had had an order for 100 dolls for a doll club.) and wasn't selling her examples, only taking orders.

  Andy was supposed to take a couple of months to arrive,but when he did arrive there was a note from Cynthia explaining that she has developed shoulder and neck problems and numb hands from making so many little dolls. I can relate! I have had the same thing happen to me! She's being forced to take a year or two off from making dolls to let her problems work themselves out. I wish her the best and hope she gets better soon. I know how awful that kind of pain is. You can hardly do a thing, and whatever you do is torture.

He's made to be worn as a pin, but I think I might remove the pin and keep him as a doll.
  Andy is only 3 1/2" tall. His little clothes are sewn, but not removeable.
  That's it for our first Shrunken Saturday, and for soft dolls week.  Tomorrow starts a new theme, so come back then and see what the week brings.

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  1. I do remember that seller! I'm glad you were able to get one before she had to start taking a break. He's such a perfect mini.


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